Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Evidence shmevidence, she's going to walk

I believe that Lex opined several month ago that it was more likely for the sun to rise in the west than it was that Shrillda the Hutt would ever be indicted for her criminal negligence in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, her repeated lies about a video being responsible for those deaths, her private e-mail server, her lies about that server, her passing of classified information over that server, her lies about that classified material, her sale of American uranium to Russia in exchange for a $500,000 speaking fee for rapist Billbo slick Willy Clinton and a $135 million more “donated” to the Clinton Slush Fund  Foundation etc.  It was an easy prediction based on past Clinton performance dating back to rape allegations, insider trading and theft with cattle futures, get rich quick scheme with Whitewater, firing of the Whitehouse Travel Office staff and myriad other unpunished Clinton law breaking and scandal.

For those of you have yet to disabuse yourselves of the notion that “this time they’ve gone too far not to be punished” let me help you see the light.  The second that The Empty Suit endorsed the Hutt everyone should have known that the fix was officially in.  Today, Air Force One will jettison several tons of equipment to compensate for the added weight and allow for a safe takeoff and landing with the Hutt aboard.   The fact that these two lying POS are willing to be seen floating in the same toilet bowl should be all the remaining proof necessary to realize that the fix is in.

But then consider Billbo Billy Boy’s “chance meeting” with AG Lo Lynch on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport and reports today the Hutt is signaling that she just might be willing to keep Lynch on as AG and only a child mired in common core math cannot add 2 + 2 and get 4. 

And let’s just face facts.  Even if you did not know a thing about the Clinton's past lawlessness and scandal, you should, by now, know the ways of the ruling class and Caligula, D.C. where the swells take care of the swells.  Laws are for little people.  The Hutt by literal size, position, ill-gotten wealth and connections is not a little person.

My honest opinion is that the deaths in Benghazi and the Hutt’s vulnerable e-mail server are linked. That the information on the whereabouts of the American Ambassador and the security situation of that location were gained with access to the Hutt’s unsecured e-mail and were then passed to the attackers.  But seriously, what difference, at this point, does it make?  Stupid Americans (AKA Demo-Dopes) and Dope useful idiots like George Will et al will support the Hutt lest the ruling class order in Caligula D.C. be upset by an outsider.

The only fly in this foul dish being served up by the ruling class is FBI director James Comey.  Lo Lynch assures that she will follow the recommendations of the “career” prosecutors and FBI head Comey.  Okay, how does one become a “career” prosecutor or head of the FBI?  You do a good job making sure the boss is happy and move up the ladder and at each new step make sure the boss is happy.  Who is the boss in this case?  Lo Lynch and ultimately TES who has signaled his support for the Hutt with an early endorsement and flying her fat azz on AF1. 

So if you’re “career” prosecutor interested in furthering your career in the DoJ knowing that the Hutt may leave Lo Lynch hanging over your head.  Are you going to buck the system knowing full well no one Caligula will back you up?  In fact they will join forces to destroy you.  That would be like a despised NASCAR driver pulling out of the draft at Daytona hoping someone will go with him.  He’ll be stuck in the outside line and forced to watch 40 cars pass him.

I truly hope that this is all wrong.  My hope is that the Hutt gets indicted, cuffed, printed, mugshot and the perp walk is front page on every newspaper and website in America.  Sadly, I am not familiar with common core math.  Four out of five times when I add 2 + 2 I get 4.

If you require further instruction on the ways of the ruling class, here’s an excellent piece by my hero VDH.

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