Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Criminal appreciation night at the DNC Convention

No.  Hell no.   Didn’t watch any of the DNC Convention. I understand they had a convicted perjurer and alleged rapist key note after the mother of a guy who assaulted a cop and tried to get his gun, after the mother of a petty thug who assaulted a neighborhood watchman, after the mother of a petty common criminal who resisted arrest.  I guess since first class criminals like Dillinger, the Rosenbergs and Capone are no longer available to represent the values of the Dope party, they have to rely on the kin of petty criminals and a pathetic weasel who has a sham marriage with the nominee. 

What endorsement is Billbo Billyboy going to give Shrillda?  She is by the best qualified woman I have ever cheated on over, and over, and over, and over again.  In fact I have humiliated her so many times she can no longer be humiliated.  She can run a private e-mail server and lie straight faced about it for months.  She can get 4 people killed in Benghazi, blame it on video and go on day by day without a hint of shame.  She has only two qualifications to be president, a vagina and me.

So we had Bernie Sanders and now Billbo Billyboy Clinton.  Tell me again which party is the party of old white men.

Accurately profiled this headline: Flash mob robbery caught on video
No doubt the DNC is trying to locate the mob so they can speak at the convention tonight under the hashtag #BlackLootersMatter.

No reformation of Islam is possible without rejecting Muhammad
The religion of peace is raising its ugly head all over Europe.  Yesterday in France the savage a-holes slit the throat of priest in his church, during mass, in front of the congregation.  Peace my azz.  It is a religion founded by a murderous fanatic bent on subjugation through violence.

The Christian “reformation” could occur because the prophet of that sect is a peaceful loving man.  Excesses of the early church could be proven to be contrary to the teachings of Christ.  Wala a reformation.

There can be no reformation in Islam unless its followers reject their prophet and his ways.  In his book The Truth about Muhammad, Robert Spenser lays the case bare using the koran and Muhammad’s own words about the violent nature of Islam.  How do you reform a religion whose tenants must be rejected for the reformation to occur?  What would it look like? “Oh sure Muhammad was lying, thieving, misogynistic, murderous pedophile who advocated expanding the “religion” through force of arms, beheadings, rape and intimidation, but other than that Islam has some pretty good $h!t – like living under 12th century sharia law for instance.”  Where would you even begin to untangle the mess that is Islam for the reformation to begin?

That is not a rhetorical question.  It is the key to reform.  

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AF Bro said...

Geert Wilder's "Fitna" says it all in about 15 minutes.