Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baltimore is going to have to pay again

First the good news.  Racist Baltimore City Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, is an Ofer - as in O for 4 in prosecuting the police officers who arrested Freddie Gray.  The dummy has two more cases to try in this sad event.  It’d be great to hear the discussions today on how to proceed after getting her azz handed to her 4 times so far.

Underling:  We’re 0 for 4.  Maybe we got this wrong.  Maybe we should look for some other path.  These failing efforts are costing the office a ton of money and ruining moral in the office.  It’s like the judge keeps telling us and the city that we don’t know what the *uck we’re doing.

Mosby:  Nonsense.  The cops acted stupidly.  We are not going to let a racist judge stop this office from seeking justice for my people and propelling my political career.  Besides it’s not our money.  The taxpayers are footing the bill.  Most of them are white so *uck them.  And tell all those whiners in the office that they are all day on stay on - that all of their free time is canceled - until their moral improves.

Underling:  Uh, the judge is black.

Mosby:  Uncle Tom or David Duke in black face.  He ain’t no real black man.  Press on!  Bring on the next two cases.  Damn the people, the money, and common sense, full speed ahead.  If we don’t get at least one of these pigs, uh, cops I’ll pull page from Donald Trump and claim the system is rigged!  Clear proof that the justice system in America is rigged against black people.

When this is all said and done, after the innocent officers are finished suing the azz off of the city of Baltimore, the ill-timed payout to Freddie Gray’s family is going to look like a pittance.  Just another Dope run large city.

The Republican convention was interesting and very well received so far.  It was hard to watch – even on FNC – because of the constant interruption to interview a couple of “analysts” who then argue.  Also Fox chose to cut away from one of the speakers to show a single protester in the crowd.  1,000s in the crowd cheering apparently is not the story.  A single protester on the other hand is big, big news.   

The same was true with the #NeverTrump dead enders who tried to hi jack the convention earlier in the day and got smacked down in the process.  The ring “leaders” of this stunt ought to be extradited to Turkey and thrown in with the coup leaders there.  Okay that’s a bit extreme, but seriously I think only the extremely brain-dead cannot read the writing on the wall.  Idiots!

I think they look even more foolish after the speeches last night, David Clark and Rudy were especially effective.

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