Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Trump VP pick and other vital Tuesday things

The lapdog MSM is abuzz with speculation about who Donald Trump might tap to be his VP running mate.  Pence, Newt, Christie, Flynn and Fallin (OK Gov Mary not Jimmy) top most lists of those being considered.  I am for none of the above.  If Trump is serious about national security, he should pick John Bolton the no holds barred, plain spoken, tell it like it is former UN Ambassador.

If he wants to add something XXtra to the ticket, Suzanne Martinez covers two bases being the “wise Latina” Gov of NM.  See what I did there double XX spelling in extra noting the chromosomal make up of women combined with the use of Sotomayor’s BS racist comment from her SC hearing?  You only get that much cleverness in single sentence here at Lex.  But then as Lex Jr. has told me time and again, “If you have to explain it, it is neither funny nor clever.”

If Trump looks at himself as the play by play man of the campaign and wants to add a color man (see what I did there?) Alan West or John Gibbs, who just ran across this morning would be ideal.  Yesterday’s post was about Lex’s inability to empathize with the black the experience with law enforcement, because I am not black.  Well if his picture is an accurate portrayal, John Gibbs is, and he makes a strong case for what Black LivesMatter should be protesting.  Because he tells a truth that does not fit the MSM, George Soros funded, PC narrative, Gibbs is obviously a racist Uncle Tom.

Let’s face it.  Trump is the color man.  So if he wants a plain steady play by play guy to shore up his right, has Caligula, D.C. inside political experience and is from a state the Republicans want to put into play in 2016 - Rick Santorum fills the bill.  Santorum is also one of the few of the thousand or so Republican primary candidates that Trump did not savage and destroy during the primary process.

If he wants to run as a reality TV show ticket, Trump could pick Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Seriously, their lack of the extra X chromosome and any skin melanin notwithstanding, Bolton and Santorum would be very high on my list.  But honestly, I know about as much about this as I do about the black experience with police.

Stupidity explains it, but that would be racist
After the Islamo-Terror-Fascists shot up a homosexual night club claiming he did it in the name of ISIS and jihad, Lo Lynch said the motive for the shooting may never be known.  Last week after a black racist POS shot 14 killing 5 because he wanted to kill white people, particularly white officers, The Empty Suit said, “It’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter.” 

The motives in both cases are so abundantly clear that even Springfield’s finest, Chief Clancy Wiggum, couldn’t miss it.  So, how is it our “top law enforcement official” and her dumbazz sail eared boss dumber than dumber can’t find the clues  - police audio recordings of the perps explaining it - on the motives for these two shootings? 

For The Empty Suit it might be as easy as the dumb azz doesn’t understand English.  Have you seen the bumbling turd when he’s off the prompter?  He’s a stuttering mess.  Add that to the fact that it takes him to 20 minutes to answer a simple yes or no question and then answers incorrectly, (Is there corruption at the IRS?  Not a smidgen.) and you could surmise that clearly English not his primary language. 

This is a nice column
I’d never heard of Myron Magnet.  He’s brilliant and not just because he exposes The Empty Suit for what total unqualified mess of president he’s been or the killer sideburns, look at his accomplishments here.  But the learned readers of Lex probably already knew all of this.  How’d I miss it?

So tell me again why #Never Trump.

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