Friday, July 22, 2016

The speech

I can just see Trump tapping his finger to together a la Mr. Burns from the Simpsons as Ted the tool Cruz is booed off the stage and telling the kids, “Excellent.  Everything is proceeding just as I have planned.”  I suspect that there was a yuge tune in factor for Trump last night just to see if Trump would resurrect the Lyin’ Ted meme in his convention speech.

As usual, the Trump kids through came through with flying colors.  Ivanka was spot on.  She was on a terror about how her dad does business.  He’s not a racist, sexist, homophobe.  He does business in NY City for crying out loud.  There’s no way he could be a racist, sexist, homophobe.  He hires on merit.  What a novel concept in America today.  The Trump kids might create some inroads in the millennial vote.  Mt sense is that the millennials vote will break along lines of millennials that have a marketable skill voting for Trump and the career no-talent college agitators like Trigglypuff majoring in Social Warrior Howler Monkeyism voting Dope so they continue to sit on their fat azzes and having the skilled millennials pay for them doing so.

I thought the speech was good.  He didn’t offer up the usual sugar coated platitudes about America but rather laid bare the mess we’re in.  There was a lot of boilerplate Trump, immigration, trade, military strength, respect for the police but last night it was presented in a disciplined speech.

He hammered Shrillda the Hutt while telling us that he’s going to get us back on the right track.  For me the best line of the night was not the lead on many MSM sights this morning - the “I am your voice” line.  The best line in my estimation was when, after telling the truth about what a miserable POS the Hutt was as SecState, Trump said the Hutt has left a legacy of “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness”. 

Aside from sore losers like Cruz, Bush, Kasich et al, Trump seems to appeal to just about everyone who has the opportunity to get to know him.  He reached out to the LGBTQ:HLHGLJV community something the Republican Party heretofore would never had done.  He appeals to blue collar Dopes.  I did miss him going off script and the off the cuff Trump.  That Trump in my estimation is bit more fun.  It's also like waiting for wreck at a NASCAR race - the most exciting 10 seconds in a 3 hour race.

Trump is the Republican Party’s only hope of picking up a state that Mitt Romney did not. That means he is America’s only hope.  Rat establishment Republicans and Cruzbots need to WTFup.  Your bruised egos are not of greater concern than future, nay, the survival of the county as founded. 

Well Duh
The Germans are coming to realization that wind and solar subsidizes are about as productive as the average welfare recipient.  For the public school grads out there, that means they don’t work.  Lex has referred to wind farms as eyesores and monuments to man’s stupidity.  How long will it take us to catch up to the Germans?

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Good stuff Doug! Wanted to sse what you thought about the convention and Cruz. Anothet one throws himself againt the Trump boulder to try and break it only to commit occupational suicide...haha.