Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We need a plagiarism expert. Let's get Slow Joe on this Melania plagiarism case

First off, and this is very important, Melania Trump is not running for anything.

Second, it is impossible for me to believe that either Melania or dumbazzes wife wrote their convention speeches.  So it’s like when two women show up at the Oscars wearing the same dress.  No one thinks that they went to K-Mart picked up a sewing pattern and knocked out the dress.  Then TMZ, Star Magazine and the Enquirer run side by sides of the two women in the same dress with the question, “Who wore it better?”  So look at the photos.  Who wore the speech better?  The beautiful, elegant, classy Melania, or the angry, painted on eyebrows, finger up ready to hector Mooochel?  Class? Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyone?

Third, the meme says it all.  Lying, thieving, contemptable, rape enabling crooked Shrillda the Hutt has more flaws than the final Portrait of Dorian Gray.  This is pretty much nothing when compared to slow Joe Biden’s “footnoting error” of FIVE PAGES of a 15 page law school paper. 

Last, I suspect how things work with these political speeches is that the person giving the speech writes out themes they want to cover with bullet points, maybe whole paragraphs and hands it over to professional speech writers who take the themes and bullet points and fashion it into a cohesive speech.  That product goes back to the principal who takes it and puts the professional work into their own words. It then goes back to the professions.  That process is repeated until the principal delivers the speech.  Here’s how this happened.  Honestly, a la Slow Joe, I was going to lift the whole thing, but it was easier to just provide the link.

Aside:  Melania’s dress sold out three hours after her speech.   Five gross (that's a number not a description of the dress) of Moochel’s unsold common rag are being used to soak up oil spills in the engine rooms of Liberian flagged freighters.  So Trump won the “dress poll”.  That’s a good sign, because Trump supposedly trails among women.  As far as I know, women, for some reason, still buy most of the dresses sold in America.

Aside II:  I called Marilyn Mosby "Ofer" as in O for 4 yesterday.  Today this meme showed up on National Review.  Plagiarism?

Convention notes:  I said all along that there was absolutely no reason for John Kasich’s candidacy.  Now with the Republicans gathering in his state, the sore loser who vowed to support the Republican nominee, hasn’t bothered to show up at the convention.  So now we know the reason for Kasich’s candidacy, torpedo the nominee.  Channeling or plagiarizing Trump now, Kasich is a total loser.  The one word descriptor for Kasich is: Dick.

Trump’s kids are turning out to be his greatest asset.  The young daughter was very good and Don jr. was pretty much off the chart.  But why take my word for it?  The wife and Lex jr. say Don jr. ought to be the candidate.

Is there an air from the MSM of actually hoping for disruptions?  Anytime two or more people get together to protest, they cut from the convention to the on the street reporter to interview a couple of stoned George Soros paid protesters.

Christie’s prosecution of Shrillda the Hutt was very effective even for the low information azzhats. 

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