Thursday, July 14, 2016

Racially profiling the headlines

Guilty as charged.  Whenever I see a headline about a flash mob looting a convenient store, or a clothing store I think when I click onto the link it’s going to show a mob of blacks stealing a shop owner’s livelihood.  I cannot recall be wrong.  Whenever I see a link describing a mob or gang beating someone I think it’s going to show blacks beating a hapless white kid.  Rarely have I been proven to be the racist The Empty Suit and Shrillda the Hutt would describe me as for putting 2 and 2 together and arriving at 4.   

Maybe it’s not me.  Maybe it’s the media who are racists by reporting only black crime.  But if you report crime at all guess what?  A disproportionate amount of it is going to involve blacks.  Here’s a blurb from Ann Coulter’s latest column:

“Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute looked at the FBI statistics for the 75 largest counties in the country and found that although blacks are only 15 percent of the population in those counties, they commit 57 percent of the murders, 45 percent of the assaults and 62 percent of the robberies.

ESPN perpetuated a lie about profiling and a “shoot to kill” mentality by police when confronting young black men.  Statistically a white criminal is far more likely to be gunned down by police than a black perp. But like the “hands up don’t shoot” BS lie, crime statistics do not fit The Empty Suit’s narrative for police use of force being by and large racist so the lie gets told over and over again.  Then it gets taught in school.  Then it’s preached from the pulpit.  Then anyone disagreeing with the lie is jailed.  No matter, it’s still a lie.

Profiles are like stereotypes.  They exist for a reason.

Here are some of my recent racial profiling crimes.   

Update: Profiles from headline 75 year old man beaten.  The MSM insists that it was random.  The vic may have been random but the fact that he's white is anything but.

Uh Oh another false narrative for BTM

If The Empty Suit had a son
Yet, somehow we’re supposed to believe it’s the white people who are racist. 

If The Empty Suit had triplets

If The Empty Suit had another son
So Shrillda the Hutt wants white people to check their racism.  Starting with The Empty Suit some of the biggest racist in America are black. 

If The Empty Suit had another son
White privilege?  How about black privilege to teach your kid to flip off the police and otherwise act like an animal and have all excused The Empty Suit, the Demo-Dope Party, the MSM, Hollywood  

Different topic: A quote to prove the military America has gone off the rails
“It remains to be seen because when somebody starts taking hormones it changes their physical characteristics… and she has largely physical characteristics of a woman so not the same body she had when she was a man, so we then judge to that standard.”

The same body she had when she was a man?   Huh?  YGBSM.  Here’s the whole thing.

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AF Bro said...

I opened the link to Pete Levine's bio. One glaring hole in his resume is his lack of military service. Other negatives are his law degree and time spent swimming in the political cesspool. Is it any wonder that this political egghead who never wore a military uniform (probably not even a Cub Scout uniform) spreads this kind of fertilizer that nourishes the PC insanity that is bringing the country down?