Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Common sense gun control" starts with the 2nd Amendment

This letter won the local fish wrap’s Golden Pen award for Jun-Jul.  It is so full of crap Lex had to reply:

It’s apparent that the key to winning the JG’s Golden Pen award is the author’s ability to ape the opinion of the JG’s editorial board on any given issue.  Facts, logic or an 8th grade understanding of American civics, of course, hinder that prime directive so are of little concern.

Take Matt Schiebel’s ill informed, poorly reasoned and civics free screed on “common sense” gun control.  First off, and this is very important, you are more likely to be murdered by someone’s fists or feet than by a rifle, semiautomatic or otherwise.  So when the president, Schiebel and others advocate for “common sense” control of “assault rifles”, if they truly wanted to stop the carnage, they’d be better off passing a law requiring men to keep their hands in their pockets.

While handguns account for a whopping 49% of murders, only about 3% of the weapons used in those crimes are acquired legally.  When it comes to progressive shibboleths like “common sense gun control” or “comprehensive immigration reform”, the idea of simply enforcing current law never occurs to them.

With regard to civics, one would expect a school principal to know that the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting.  Also, conflating a constitutionally protected right with a car ownership, which is not, is absurd.  Further, certain things like tigers, alligators, stinging insects, cross dogs etc. are in and of themselves dangerous.  A properly stored and used firearm is not.  It’s inanimate.  It makes no decision by instinct or grand design.  Again, to conflate the two categories lacks reason and logic. 

The fact is that any “dialogue” on “common sense gun control” that does not begin with, “Maybe it’s time we take another look at the Second Amendment”, is not common sense at all and is most likely unconstitutional.

DNC Convention
No.  Hell no.  I didn't watch any of it.  Last night featured an idiot of monumental proportion, which given the clown car cast so far at the DNC Convention doesn't really distinguish that idiot from the rest.  Slow Joe Biden, who once opined that Iraq would be a great success story for The Empty Suit, took to the stage - and what - bovine excrement-ed his way through 40 minutes of Dope talking points.  No thanks.

Shrillda the Hutt's amazing entrance tonight
Lex has gotten a preview of how Shrillda the Hutt will enter the stage for tonight's DNC finale.  The DNC will channel Miley Cyrus and introduce the Hutt via a wrecking ball.  Given what the Dopes have done to the country, that is a very appropriate device.  Here's a photo of a practice run:

Now you know what's under those pantsuits and sadly you can now never un-know it.  Have a nice lunch.

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