Friday, July 08, 2016

Everything is going to be fine

Given the state of the world that headline is a lie.  I put it up there because twice this week Lex’s headline have portended the events of the day.   On the 5th of July Lex predicted Shrillda the Hutt would walk.  Later that day Jimmy Comey ignored a mountain of evidence proving guilt, his oath of office and common sense to let the Hutt walk on her e-mail scandal.

Yesterday’s headline was “Signs of the impending armed revolution”.  Those signs included a “college” professor” advocating an armed Dallas type attack on the NRA Headquarters, an open revolt against cops because perps refuse to cooperate and the breakdown of equal justice under the law.  Then that night a Black Thugs Matter rally in Dallas is used as bait to get a large number of police officers into one location so that sympathetic soulless $h!ts can assassinate as many as possible.

The coordinated attack on the Dallas PD came the same day that the divider-in-chief - the excrement stack known on this page as The Empty Suit – issued a fakebook statement condemning police in Baton Rouge, LA and Falcon Heights, MN for shooting armed black men before any report on the shootings had been completed.  The Empty Suit is a POS with the blood of Dallas police officers on his hands.  Since the first days of his BS administration, with the Skippy Gates incident where he accused the cops of “acting stupidly”, this Richard with ears has been condemning the cops and inciting the type of behavior that took place last night. 

He’s not alone.  The azzhat Gov. of MN, Brave, Brave Mark Dayton, also incited the mob by stating with certitude that the Falcon Heights incident would not have taken place had the suspects been white.  Nice calming influence Mark.  Then of course there are the paid and professional race agitator Revs? NotsoSharpton and Hymietown Jackson who never miss an opportunity to pound the wedge of race further into the material that is supposed to bind us. 

The lapdog MSM excoriated Sarah Palin and implicated her in the murder of six people in Tucson, AZ who attended a rally for a Congresswoman, because Palin had “targeted” Gabby Gifford’s congressional seat.  You can bet the same lapdog MSM will be totally silent about TES’s years of incitement that culminated with the shootings in Dallas.

The bodies of the dead have not yet cooled and others are still fighting for their lives, but TES refuses to let this crisis go to waste and is already banging the gun control drum.  F*CK HIM.  Anyone who does not already have one and is not seriously considering purchasing a sporting rifle and 10,000 round of ammunition after last night needs to hop on their Glad Machine and head back to their alternate universe.  Contrary to the headline, it's not going to be fine, and it’s going to get much worse before it gets better.  Buy gun stocks, because I predict record sales of sporting rifles over the next week or so.

Now this is very important.  TX Gov. Greg Abbott needs to play a key role here.  When TES offers up the DoJ and the FBI to help with the investigation, Abbott should publically tell TES to keep his corrupt DoJ, his corrupt FBI and the rest of the corruptocrats that populate his administration the hell out of Texas or he will have them arrested. 

Last:  #Blacklivesmatter is a sign of division and revolution.  Anyone using it should be considered a threat to the state. 

The definitive piece on women in combat
Here’s a fantastic piece on women in combat by Milo.  Lex boils it all down to: What self-respecting man nudges his wife and asks “Are you going to check that out?” when something goes bump in the night? 

Best line: “A civilization that sends its mothers and daughters into combat is serious about neither civilization nor combat.”

Does anyone else find it weird that a homosexual from Briton is a stronger voice for common sense, is more willing to stand up to The Empty Suit and has more fortitude than 98% of our Rat establishment Republican elected officials?

Way to go Milo!

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