Monday, July 11, 2016

Racism in America will never end because the ones shouting racism are the racists

The election of The Empty Suit – twice – was the worst thing that could have ever happened to race relations in America.  First because expectations in the black community were way too high.  Blacks viewed TES entering the Oval Office as Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball.  Remember the giddy excitement about all that TES was going to do for the black community?  Remember the Obamaphone lady?  Remember the lady talking about “Obama's stash” while standing in a long line to get a government voucher of some sort?  Remember all of the wizards of smart that told Americans that a vote for TES would, at a minimum, be a vote to put racial divisions behind us?   The big difference between TES and Jackie Robinson is that Jackie Robinson could play baseball.  TES has proven time and again that he incapable of governing.  Andrew Klavan details TES’s utter incompetence here, but to state those truisms is, of course, racist.

None of it matters though.  The truth with this crowd is like is like an AlGore movie.  Truth is whatever supports the narrative.  Real truth has zero impact on most blacks when it comes to TES.  After 7 ½ years are they as a race even one speck better off?  By every demonstrable metric the answer is no.

Today’s Black Thugs Matter is a movement that has risen out of a lie in Ferguson, MO.  I listened to NBC CBS Sunday talk show and some dumbazz was still citing Ferguson as a reason for black mistrust of the police.  No one on the show’s panel challenged him.  DoJ and the FBI found that Mike Brown was a lawless thug who assaulted a police officer, tried to get his gun and got his rather worthless azz shot off for his trouble.  That is the truth.  It does not matter.  The “hands up, don’t shoot” lie persists.

None of this is ever going to end.  We’ve elected a totally unqualified half black man as president – twice – to assuage white guilt and things have only gotten worse.  In Baltimore, during the Freddie Gray incident, the city was/is run by a black Demo-Dope mayor, the police department was run a black police commissioner, the city prosecutor’s office was/is run by a black city prosecutor and the majority of the officers on the police force were/are minority police officer.  Yet white cops killing black men is the persistent meme.  So a black president elected twice, black mayor, black police commissioner, black city prosecutor, majority mino police force and STILL there is an organized war by cops against black men?  Racist policing killed Freddie?  YGBSM!  Freddie Gray killed Freddie Gray is my hypothesis.  But that conclusion does not support the left’s narrative so it’s dumped in favor of the racists police department claim.

There can be no personal responsibility assigned to the perps who are in most cases, at minimum, uncooperative with the police.  There can be no responsibility assigned to Dope minority city officials who use the police as a revenue collection agency.  There can be no responsibility assigned to officers of color.  The narrative for Black Thugs Matter and race baiting azzbags is all white cops are racists profiling young black men and then gunning them down for no good reason.  Hands up.  Don’t shoot.

Truth is no defense.  Less than 1% of black homicide deaths occur at the hands of a police office, justified or not.  Young black men are 99 times more likely to be killed by another black man than by the police.  But the outrage is always with the police.  Many times, as with Mike Brown, unjustifiably so.    

But it does not matter.  I’m beginning to think the police ought to just let the black thugs go so they can victimize another black family.   Apparently there would be racial healing in that policing policy.

I don’t know.  I’m not black, never have been, never even played a black man on tv.  I suppose there is some distrust of the police.  How can there not be when TES, DoJ, two of TES's  AGs, Hollywood, crooked pols, rappers, BET et al not only insist over and over again that all  cops suck so the mistrust, the disrespect and everything else directed against white cops is all justified.  After all, they say, just look at the incarceration rate of black men.  They never say wrongly incarcerated.  And who are the black criminals victimizing?  Mostly other blacks.  But don’t mention crime stats with these race baiting azzbags that, of course, would be racist. 

I do not know how there can be any racial healing when the truth does not matter.  I’m happy to sit and listen but when young blacks are sneaking up behind white people and knocking the daylights out of them and that activity is described by the MSM as a “game” and none of the usual race baiter azzbag charlatans can be relied upon to condemn the practice loudly and unequivocally, I’m reminded of the search for the mythical moderate Muslim.

Of all the problems confronting the black community today it seems the only one the leadership is willing to confront is the one that affects the fewest people but one they feel can be laid at the feet of whitey and does not require them to accept one bit of responsibility for or lift so much as a finger to prevent.  So sure for the 4000,000th time in my life, let’s have that talk about race.

Here’s my advice.  As tried to recall each of the dozen or so of my “official” interactions with the police, I always cooperated.  I was never beaten or shot.  I am confident that if my count were in the 100s, I’d begin to tire of the whole thing and probably consider it harassment – even if I were guilty as hell every time – I’d claim harassment.  That is supposedly the beef of blacks.  Now I could cite crime stats here to show there’s a reason police are more likely to approach black men, but we all know that would be racist.  Here’s the deal.  While I’m sure I’d tire of supposed harassment I’d still cooperate, because being tired is better than being dead or beaten up.  Knowing someone was out to “get” me if I resisted would make me all the more cooperative.  Then I’d save some of my righteous anger at my plight for the scum that make my mere presence outside a convenient store at night suspicious.

That is probably way too simplistic an approach.  I don’t have the black experience.  But can we all agree respect and cooperation on both sides will go a long to ending these incidents?  Seriously, I do not think we can.  Black Thugs Matter are out to provoke incidents not end them.  It seems to me race hustling is in the Demo-Dope Party’s best interest.  The last thing they want is prosperous self-reliant black community.  They need them bumping along just getting by on the crap existence provided by the government.  That is the sad, sad truth.  If there were racial harmony, where would the Dopes go for votes?  How would Revs? Jesse and Al make a living?  How could Black Thugs Matter justify rioting and looting the liquor store?  

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