Friday, July 01, 2016

A sad 4th of July

The Empty Suit’s Navy
Navy Secretary Ray give up the ship if you must, but never question Global Climate Disruption (GCD) Maybus can name all of the US Navy’s ships after anti-American Demo-Dope political hacks.  He can now require US taxpayers fund the sex change operations for any confused LGBTTUCJ<> He can lower Navy standards and ignore results and require that women be admitted to every Navy specialty including the SEALs.  He do a lot of things.  The one thing the worthless stack of excrement cannot do is change his legacy.

While Raymundo was spending his days playing an alpha male Social Justice Howler Monkey, the once proud institution he was responsible for running, whose pre-Maybus dictum was “Don’t give up the ship”, was going to $h!t.  Exhibit #1: 


You can read about the Navy’s report on Raymundo’s singular achievement as SecNav here.  As leadership and seamanship are apparently no longer a prerequisite for command in the US Navy under Maybus, we have to assume those fired for this national embarrassment were let go for not slavishly aping Maybus’s GCD talking points.   Way to go Raymundie.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

CIA undercuts SECNAV
While the clueless Maybus screens Navy commanders based on their mindless adherence to GCD, the CIA’s top man has placed Brexit as greater risk to the EU than ISIS.  I suppose that leaves room for John Brennan to place GCD to over Brexit when a convenient opportunity to do so pops up, but the clear message from Brennan is that Brexit threatens the very existence of the EU more than GCD or ISIS.  Oddly, I hope he’s correct.    

If The Empty Suit had a son…
This is what he would look like.

Why not?

As America circles the drain this 4th of July, elites in both parties are telling us #NeverTtrump.  Perhaps that's the best reason to support him.  

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