Thursday, June 30, 2016

Expert: We knew the Brexit vote was coming for months. That's why we were surprised and shocked.

I do not understand all the fuss about Brexit.  For months every headline told us that the vote was on a “knife’s edge”, “too close to call”, “could fall either way” etc.  The leave vote was up one day.  Then a British pro stay MP is shot – with an illegal gun -  and the stay team swings into the lead.  Even the night of the referendum it was back and forth.    Nigel Farage, the leader of the leave team, appeared to concede early on only to take his concession back later in the evening.

It was all very close.  So when the leave team finally pulled it out, why was the world shocked?    Markets tumbled.  Credit ratings were downgraded.  The EU held hastily called meetings.  Populist political movements were attacked by leftists and cheered by working people.

Here’s my theory.  The elitist bastards who got their ear flicked by British voters were peed off.  So they decided to show the world what happens to the class clown – the people – when he flicks the ear of the class bully – the world-wide elitists.  The bully downgraded the UK’s credit rating within a couple of days.

What exactly changed in those couple of days?  I find it hard to believe anything substantive in the overall British economy changed in a couple of days.  The Brits are given two years to disentangle themselves from the tar covered, brier patch that is the EU.  But the elitist banking community needed to make a very visible statement to the Brits who voted leave, and more importantly, to any of those pesky little people in other countries who have the temerity to think a nation ought to control its own destiny, politicians, economy and regulations.   So there was a very public downgrading.

Every single day the wizards of smart take to the airways to talk about the markets.  If the markets are down a couple of points one day, they confidently tell us it’s because of a plunge in the muskrat oil futures due to an over population of muskrats in Togo.  Then the markets soar 100+ points the next day and the same wizards tell us the market rally was due to unexpectedly good profit reports from the mohair sector of the East Zambian economy.  I don’t know, and I suspect that the market prognosticators don’t either.

If these guys have their very sensitive fingers on the pulse of every sector of every market why couldn’t they devise a market strategy in March for an eventual Brit exit from the EU in July?  There were two days of panicked sell offs, before the markets rebounded with two days of rallies.  Here’s my conspiracy theory.  The elitists triggered the panic.  They inspired the massive sell off, and then, when the markets crashed, the elitists were there to snatch up all of the bargain stocks.

The one thing the elitists cannot manipulate so easily is the will of the people.  As predicted by Lex the Friday after the Brexit vote, average people in the other countries in the EU are thinking they might like to have their own referendum.  So the swells will have to come up with some more very visible ways to scare the people back into line.  So if they have to crash a couple more markets, they will do it.  If they have to create more political chaos, they’ll do it.  If they have to start a war, they will do it.  Why not?  None of those actions are going to affect them.  They will profit from market manipulation.  A fractured political situation plays right into their hands.  They don’t fight wars, the people they are trying bully into going along with them do.  It’s all win, win, win for them.  Sadly the more they are able to *uck everything up the more it benefits them.

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