Friday, June 03, 2016

Police stand by while mobs rule

Trump supporter attacked by anti-Trump mob.  Police protection?  Arrests?

It would appear that the police have no interest in protecting Trump supporters when confronted attacked by violent protesters mobs.  Campus police often stand idly by when unhinged “college students” rush the stage while conservatives try to speak.   When the inevitable push back comes, the MSM will be aghast at the violence Donald Trump has spawned.

The violent mobs appear to be made up in large part of illegal aliens – at least you’d guess that based on the number of Mexican flags found in the crowd and the signage:  America never was great (Wait that could be the sign The Empty Suit carries),  This IS Mexico etc.  For the 500th time, if the $h!thole called Mexico is so great, why did you break into this country?  If the corrupt BS country of Mexico is so great get the hell out of here and go live the excrement you walked away from.

The reason may be that the lawless now have the upper hand and the sympathy of the government in America.  Benghazi blows up – literally – and a video maker is arrested and jailed in the middle of the night.  Planned un-Parenthood is caught in the act of selling baby parts and the undercover reporter has his home raided and faces prosecution for bringing the barbarity to light.  Political opponents of Scott Walker have their homes raided, their property confiscated and their finances frozen and are forbidden to talk about it to the media or  lawyer by the same people conducting the raids.  Conservative groups are targeted and harassed by the IRS for nothing more than being conservative.

Now violence is being visited upon conservatives for supporting Trump and very little is done to prevent it or stop it.  Hell even the candidates himself is rushed on stage and has his motorcade attacked and blocked with no effective response from the local authorities.  If the cops do not get serious about stopping this kind of BS Cleveland is going to be a hot mess.

I liken it to my substitute teacher days.  If you did not set the rules very early on, the kids would.  I know.  I was one of the kids who’d make life tough for any substitute.  So when I was filling the sub role, I made it a point to kick the very first disrupter out of the class.  It usually happened in the first 5 minutes.  Then there were very few problems.

Aside from the cognitive dissonance crowd of illegal alien who want to turn the US into the same kind of $h!thole they just fled, Trump protesters are the usual crowd of unemployable misfits to wit:  The trigglypuff crowd of know-nothing college kids, The lie machine known as Black Lives Thugs Matter, Communist (Who still cannot point to single success story for the ideology they support), Socialist (Who still cannot point to single success story for the ideology they support), Anarchist, terrorist like CAIR, and anyone else who is off their meds, just broke up with was dumped by their girlfriend for being a loser, ugly women looking for losers who just got dumped by their girlfriends etc.

Prediction:  When Trump supporters organize and start to defend themselves they will compared to Hitler’s Brown Shirts.  Get a gun and plenty of ammo.  It’s going to be a long hot summer brought to you by the Demo-Dope party and their largest voting block – people who hate America.

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