Wednesday, June 29, 2016

George Will is a useful Shrillda the Hutt idiot

First statement from The Empty Suit on Ankara
TES called for calm after Islamo-Terror-Fascist unknown persons acting for unknown reasons shot up and bombed the Ankara airport.  Noting that the unknown persons acting for unknown reasons who attacked the airport used suicide belts, TES asked, “How many more must die before the irresponsible Republicans take these workplace violence incidents seriously and support common sense belt control?”

Media hailing The Empty Suit’s high poll numbers
A poll shows The Empty Suit’s favorability ratings at 56%.  Another poll shows 70% of Americans think that we’re on the “wrong track”.  So how can both be accurate?  Me thinks one them is BS.

George Will joins Ed Schultz
George Will wants us to ensure Donald Trump loses, grit our teeth for four years and prepare to beat Shrillda the Hutt in 2020.  George Will is a douche.  By 2020:

the Supreme Court will gone for 30 years.

it will have been a year since Alito and Thomas were thrown into G’itom for sedition on secret charges “so heinous” no one but Shrillda the Hutt’s secret police were privy to them. 

America will be declared "open to anyone who can get here".

childhood diseases once eradicated in the US will be running rampant.

illegal aliens will be given their “constitutional right” to vote removing any chance of a non-Dope ever winning the presidency again.

seeing the handwriting on the wall, courageous Rat establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Paulie Walnuts et al will change their party affiliation and join the Demo-Dope Party.

the right to keep and bear arms will have been be severely infringed.

the Supreme Court will have upheld the right of the state to fine and/or jail people who remain skeptical of the global warming hoax.

the UN will be in command of American troops restoring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.

the military will be a full on social service organization run by the LGBTYKUHFCM

churches who will not perform homosexual marriages will lose their tax exempt status.

Islamo-Terror-Fascists who shoot up gay weddings at tax exempt churches will be cause celebs for further gun control which will result in no-warrant, no-knock searches of Joe six pack’s house for weapons violations using his insistence on flying the American flag – now a symbol of hate, bigotry, homophobia, Islamophobia, et al - in front of his house as probable cause.

talk radio is gone under the new “fairness act”.

the UN controls the Internet and vigorously prosecutes “hate speech” at the Hague.

hate speech includes anything deemed by the UN High Commission on Hate Speech (UNHCHS) hurtful like the use of the word Islamic in close proximity to the word terrorist, criticisms of the UNHCHS or the new world order, anything that promotes religion, anything that promotes “liberty”, anything that promotes self-sufficiency, anything that promotes one country over another, anything that questions Global Climate Disruption.

former members of the now defunct NRA are directed to pay a $10,000 fine and attend 52 weekend re-education seminars held a various county jails.

home schooling and private non-secular schools are illegal under the new Common Core.

college education is free to anyone who is  not a white male.

we’ll be in the first year of a 10 year two and a half trillion dollar reparations pay out  scheme.

All you can do is what you can do, George.  Sitting in the corner pouting isn’t doing much.  Will and the other #NeverTrump azzhats prefer to do nothing and wait for the day they can say, “I told you so”.  Will is a traitorous  - oh what was it Ann Coulter called Ed Schultz – oh yeah pu**y and coward.  He shares those distinctions with much of the National Review staff and other head in the sand #NeverTrump moron who would rather destroy the county than cede any of their corrupt power to the people.

The Griffin opined that were it 1776, Will would be shocked at the “vulgarities” of the Sons of Liberty and as a result no doubt would come down on King George’s side imploring the rebel rousers to grit their teeth and wait for George’s successor to rise to the British throne.   

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