Monday, June 27, 2016

Being called a xenophobe or racist by lefty Libs means you won the argument

For lefty Libs, anyone opposing a totally open border is a xenophobe.  When the Brits threw their Brussels overlords overboard, the lefty Lib media, pols and Hollywood swells called them xenophobic racists. 

Xenophobia is most often described as “the fear of foreigners and strangers.”  It seem to there are two kinds of fear.  There are rational fears of real things – alligators in a swamp or Polar Bears in Alaska – and there are irrational fears of things imagined - Polar Bears in a swamp or alligators in Alaska.  I could not find one definition of xenophobia that included the word “irrational” in front of it.

If you know anyone who fears a Christmas tour of American by the Vienna Boys’ Choir or thinks Julio, the green card carrying 15 year gardener at the club, is threat to destroy America they might just be xenophobic.  On the hand, if you now anyone who thinks letting tens of thousands of un-vetted - and when you get down to it un-vettable -  Syrian men of military age into the country, after ISIS has guaranteed us they will use our stupidity on Syrian refugees to infiltrate our country, they are something but not xenophobic.    

If you are concerned because your son hangs out with a 3rd generation German kid, you just might be xenophobic.  If you are concerned because your son his hanging out with illegal aliens with MS 13 tattoos all over their bodies, you are something other than xenophobic.  

If you are concerned about your neighbor trying to get his disabled mother-in-law a visa to live with them in the United States, you might be xenophobic.  If you are concerned about a totally unsecured southern border that allows – literally – anyone to stroll into the country by millions, you’re not xenophobe.

See there is xenophobic, and then there’s xenophobic.

It’s sort of like The Empty Suit telling us that there degrees of classified material.  There is classified, and then there’s classified.  I suppose that that is true, but I know more than a few military guys whose careers were ended by mishandling classified material.  Shrillda the Hutt on the other hand sailed onto the Demo-Dope nomination while clearly not giving a crap about turning over the nation’s classified material to any high school nerd interested in hacking her unsecured illegal private e-mail server.   

I do not know why people with very rational concerns about the kinds of people and the sheer numbers of people we are letting into the country share a name with people who have irrational fears of the same.  It’s like calling a breeze a hurricane.  If everything is a hurricane nothing is.  Come to think of it, it’s like attributing everything to global warming.  If everything is causing global warming nothing is.

Then there’s lefty Lib Jim Hightower bitching about Nabisco leaving Chicago for Mexico.  Try squaring this circle Jim.  For you, people who oppose Mexicans coming here and taking our jobs are xenophobic.  But Nabisco sending our jobs to Mexicans who choose to stay in Mexico is corporate greed.  And how do you like being on the same side of an issue as Donald Trump, Jim?

So I think the term xenophobic ought to be reserved for people with irrational fears of foreigners or strangers.  People with rational concerns about ISIS infiltrating with Syrian refugees and millions of undocumented illegal aliens pouring across our southern border ought to be called something else.  Patriotic Americans, for instance.

Now if lefty Libs pull the “xenophobe” card like a gun to oppose anyone when BREXIT, open borders, refugee issue etc. come up, they use the term “racist” as a nuke to shut down anyone who differs with them on any issue.  If you support voter ID, you are a racist.  If you support law and order, you’re a racist.  If you want an equal opportunity to attend the U. of Texas, you’re a racist.  If you oppose any of The Empty Suit’s anti-American policies, you’re a racist.  If you support the 2nd Amendment you’re a racist.  Etc. etc.

So welcome all of you xenophobe and racists.  When the Trigglypuff, special snowflake, Social Justice Howler Monkeys call you a xenophobe and/or a racist you have won the argument.  Thank them and head over to the local canteen for celebratory drink. 

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Weird photo captions
Red the caption under the first photo in this piece.   "Anti-fascists confront TV crew at California Capitol." As it turns the "anti fascist" protesters were demnading no cameras at their protest, which is pretty much fascists – right?

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