Friday, June 10, 2016

Sun rises in west, The Empty Suit endorses Shrillda the Hutt

In a shocker that no one in the world could have expected, The Empty Suit endorsed Shrillda the Hutt yesterday.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Yet the lapdog MSM treated it as if JEB!! had issued an endorsement of Donald Trump.   They treated it as if it were something as uncommon and unexpected as TES telling the truth or enforcing/following the law.   

While the FBI is knee deep in an investigation of the Demo-Dope presumptive nominee for using a private unsecure e-mail server to conduct the business at the State Department, then unlawfully deleting 33,000 e-mails on that sever, then lying about the entire episode claiming “everyone knew” about the server (false), claiming other SecStates did the same thing (false), claiming she never passed or received classified information on the server (false), The Empty Suit endorsed the lying Empty Pantsuit.

How is that endorsement not undue influence on an ongoing investigation?    If you’re sitting in the bowels of the FBI’s Hoover building with approximately 10,000 pounds of incriminating evidence sitting on desk, what are you to think when the boss endorse the Perp you are investigating to become President of the United States?  And it’s not the first time.  While destroying the joy of Super Bowl Sunday during a TV interview, TES assured us that nothing “that classified” came across Shrillda the Hutt’s server.  The whole thing is a kin to TES recycling the Skippy Gates quote, “The FBI is acting stupidly if they think this investigation is going anywhere.” 

Like a lot of things, it reminds of a Simpsons episode.   Chief Wiggum and Lou are sitting in a patrol car at the speed trap outside Springfield.  Fat Tony the mob boss speeds by with a leg hanging out of the trunk. Lou says, “Hey uh, Chief that guy was speeding.  Aren’t we going to stop him?”  “Negative Lou.  Anyone driving that fast obviously doesn't have time to stop for  ticket.”    If the boss doesn’t give a crapola, why should anyone else?

It also reminds me of the Godfather scene where Don Vito Corleone calls a meeting of the five families to arrange a peace after one faction attempted to murder him.  Corleone says he needs the peace so he can devote time to clearing his son “of these bogus charges” of murdering a police captain and mob boss very publicly in a restaurant – a response to the attempt on the Don’s life.  Everyone knows Michael Corleone did the crime, but no one challenges The Don.       

So you are a FBI Special Agent working overtime on a case that the boss has twice said “Move along folks.  Nothing to see here.”  Whatta ya do?  Turn out the lights.  Go home and spend time with the family.  As Lex predicted months ago, the fix is in.  Laws are for the little people and the Hutt is a ginormous, privileged, pampered, Demo-Dope Caligula, DC ruling class grandee.  Given TES is flying top cover for the Hutt, it would be easier to be an out of the closet homosexual in ISIS than bring an indictment against a guilty as hell Shrillda the Hutt.

And never forget this.  There is no way possible for the Hutt or anyone else to perform the duties of SecState without access to secure communications devices.  So she’s lying about not sending or receiving classified material or she’s just incompetent as hell.  No doubt it’s both.

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Anonymous said...

The email issue, egregious as it is, seems to be kind of small potatoes compared to the selling of favors to foreign interests, with the bribes being masked as contributions to the Clinton Foundation. That is actually treason. The email fiasco simply criminal negligence. If this country allows Hillary Clinton to assume the presidency, it's really time to either revolt en mass, or leave the country.