Monday, June 06, 2016

Are we all “Disney Girls” now?

I had just cut the power to the high voltage fence surrounding the compound and had begun the long walk to check to see if any of the pea gravel between the inner and outer fences had been disturbed when an old Beach Boys’ song popped into my head.  Disney Girls.  It is a pleasant little ditty suitable for humming on a long walk around the compound.  That’s where the title of this post came from.  I recalled one of the lines in the song: 

“Oh, reality it’s not for me and it makes me laugh.  Oh, fantasy world and Disney girls I’m coming back.”

We, nay, the world is quickly becoming detached from reality.  Let’s start with the mundane.  We used to know what a catch in the NFL was.  Now nobody but some guy reviewing the play in NY City knows.  Given the inconsistency in the calls, it could be argued that in fact no one knows what constitutes a completed forward pass in the NFL today.  The best that can be said about the situation is what was once famously said of pornography by a judge, “I’ll know it when I see it.”

But football, in the end, is just a game, and if it were not for the amount of money being gambled on it nobody would care if the NFL couldn’t decide what constituted a catch.  A lot of things are subjective in sport.  Personal fouls and travelling calls – if there is such a thing in the NBA anymore – are pretty much left up to the imagination of the ref.  The strike zone in baseball wanders from ump to ump, game to game and even player to player.  If anyone says they understand the scoring criteria for a diving, gymnastics, or skating competition, they are lying.

It used to be that TV was a divergence from reality.  Then along comes “reality tv” which ironically is more contrived than Adam West’s version of Batman.  Now a star of one of those “reality shows” is the Republican nominee to become President of the United States.  To be sure Donald Trump’s success is not defined by The Apprentice alone, but you get the point.

We used to think reality was that a black person had to be of black blood to be called a black person.  Then along comes Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal.  Who knew pretending to be black was sufficient?  That is as long as you’re left leaning enough.  I guarantee you if a white college Republican tried to pull what King and Dolezal pulled there wouldn’t be enough “cultural appropriation” hate to level at them for perpetrating what would correctly be labeled a scam, and no it wouldn’t make a bit of difference how much they “identified” as black.   Hell Clarence Thomas is as black as they come, but lefty Libs consider King and Dolezal blacker than an actual black man.  Reality anyone?

We used to jail and shun rapists and their enablers today’s reality is that they run the Demo-Dope Party.  That’s all that I have to say about that, and that’s sufficient for thinking people.  

We knew what a man or a woman was and we had a set understanding for the use of pronouns regarding gender.  The rules were hard and fast, and Mrs. Donovan would mercilessly mark you down for not following the rules.  Now people just make up how they want to be referred to.  A court recently awarded a transgendered, gender neutral, semi queer, gender vamping idiot school teacher 600K because the school’s staff didn’t comply with his/her/it’s wishes to be addressed with made up gender neutral pronouns.  Reality check on aisle four please.

Worse, NY City has contrived nearly two dozen ways to categorize your “sexual identity”.  I’m pretty sure we learned in 8th grade health class that there were two sexes and they were not even determined by what set of plumbing God graced you with.  We used to think a person’s sex was determined by X Y chromosomes.  Changing your plumbing or how you dress no more changes your biological sex than putting a Mercedes hood ornament on your beat up Chevy transforms it into a CLS 550.  But the genius lefty Libs in NY City have cast science aside – as lefty Libs are wont to do – and determined that the reality of X Y chromosomes are irrelevant.  What is important is how a person feels or “identifies” day to day.

Aside:  The old Soviet Union was ahead of its time.  Remember when it used to get busted for putting men into women’s competitions in the Olympics?  They actually had to test the sex of athletes.  And guess what, they didn’t do it by asking the competitors to drop their drawers.  They simply check the X Y chromosomes in a blood test.  Now, all the 450 pound Alexi has to say is “Alexi feel like woman today.  Alexi throw shot on women’s team.”  He doesn’t even have to have a close shave to pull it off.

Don’t quote me on this, I’m pretty sure – but too lazy to look it up – you can actually be charged with harassment and fined in NY for not using made up pronouns that correspond to a made up sexual identity of how a person feels from day to day.  Now we’re supposed to somehow know that Johnny is feeling bi-queer today and therefore must be addressed using the pronoun set ze, zaf and xas.  Or is it zo, zim, ziff?  Reality it’s not for me…

When millions of uninvited, uneducated, unskilled, disease ridden foreigners streamed across a country’s border bent on destroying that country’s culture, it was called an invasion.  Today it’s called a “humanitarian crisis”.  Anyone who offers a more cost effective solution to the “humanitarian crisis” that does not include transporting unvetted persons half way around the world or allowing them to simply stroll across an unsecured border or opposes letting the invaders have their way in destroying the fabric of a nation is labeled a xenophobic, un-Christian, Islamophobic, racist and/or Hitler.  Ending the war on terror for these people is easy.  Give the Islamo-Terror-Fascists what they want.   Reality shmeality.

The reality used to be when people peaceably assembled for political speech and were beaten by a mob, the mob was compared to Hitler’s Brown Shirts.  Today the people peaceably assembling and being beaten are compared to the Brown Shirts. 

We used to value free speech and expression on American campuses.  Now you are more likely to find free speech on any Havana street corner than an American university.   Fascist totalitarian Trigglypuff wannbes, Black Lives Thugs Matter, anarchist, socialist, and communists want to stifle free speech in the name of social justice or some other dystopian azzbackward way of thinking.  Instead of giving the grievance mongers the swift kick in the azz out of the university that they deserve, university officials act more like the clueless Professor Irwin Corey than adults responsible for educating future leaders of the free world.  It’s easier to ignore reality and give into nonsense than to be called a racist, sexist etc. etc. 

Reality was that young people grew up, left home, went to work, war, explored, achieved and made a name for themselves.  Today young people on campus demand safe zones so that they do not have to be exposed to any conflicting information about their world view.  Instead of rescinding scholarships, dorm rooms, cafeteria meals and class space from the snowflakes for more worthy students, administrators cater to every demand made by the clueless dimwits.  Again, better to give into absurd demands than be labeled a racist.  Then being totally unprepared for life, upon graduation the snowflakes move back into mom’s basement and bitch about dry meatloaf and the cable package. 

This could go on and on comparing the reality of the economy, Robertscare, the Iran nuke deal, Iraq, Syria etc. etc. with The Empty Suit’s airbrushed version of the truth which is then amplified by a lapdog MSM.  But if we cannot agree on what constitutes a woman and a man and what bathroom they ought to use, the reality is – channeling the Beach Boys now - we are all Disney girls living in a fantasy world constructed by lefty Libs and promoted by universities, sycophantic lapdog MSM, Hollywood swells and Demo-Doe propaganda BS artists. 

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That about says it all. Good screed Lex!