Thursday, June 09, 2016

Shrillda the Hutt steps on an ant, claims she destroyed Godzilla

Shrillda the Hutt is taking a victory lap (on a quarter mile track that shouldn't take more than a month) after finally securing the Demo-Dope Party’s presidential nomination after dispatching a 170 year old socialist curmudgeon, who, by the way, isn’t even a member of the Dope party.  That’s like the Denver Broncos staging a victory parade in downtown Denver after beating a Police Athletic League team from Wyoming (read white kids) 12-10 on the last play of the game with 65 yard field goal.  Well as my old HS football Coach - Locke - used to say, "A win is a win.  It doesn't matter if you beat the Girl Scouts."

There’s also the fact that the Hutt could not have “cracked the glass ceiling” without the assistance of Super Delegates (read Demo-Dope establishment hacks).  There’s also the fact that if the Hutt were not married to the misogynist rapist  she’s married to, the best she could hope for is that she would be one of the plaintiffs in the latest Gaystapo complaint by a couple of lesbians against a cake maker for not wanting to participate in their wedding.

The Hut is accusing Donald Trump of “using code”.  YGBSM!  She cannot be serious.  If there’s one guy NOT “using code” in politics today it’s the plain spoken Donald Trump - much to the dismay of Rat establishment Republicans.  During her “holy $h!t I finally was able drag my rotten worthless oversized azz across the finish line and win this thing” speech the Hutt actually said:  “When [Donald Trump] says 'let's make America great again,' that's code for 'let's take America backwards’…”  Talk about going backward, isn’t the Hutt the one who wants to put her raping misogynist old man in charge of the economy?  It’s like Back to the Future with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) showing up in the DeLorean at the 1992 Dope convention to pick up Michael J. Fox (Billy Boy Billbo Clinton), “Quick Billy get in.  The Hutt is in trouble in2016.  She cannot beat a 170 year socialist or TV reality show star for President of the United States.”   If the old hag could go backward to the New Deal she would.

The Clintons have no idea what hell is about to be unleashed upon them.  No one - Dope or Rat establishment Republican - has ever had the guts to publicly state the truth about these two wannbe high society grifters.  Trump will.

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