Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PC is literally killing us

The commonality between Army Major (douche) Nadal Hasan and civilian murdering douche Omar Mateen - besides their devotion to a BS brand of religion – is that they were douches in plain sight.

Neither made any particular effort to hide their contempt for America or our ways.  In fact they were rather open about their support for jihad.  Yet neither was dismissed from their job or required to meet even the minimal meaningful standards for continued employment.  Hasan’s oath of office – to support and defend the constitution - was an open joke to him.

How could that happen?  PC.  Can’t ask a Moooooolim who happens to be an Army officer to STFU or be court martialed when he trashes the country.  Hell, Hasan didn’t even get a career ending fitness for duty report.  Can’t deny a Mooooooslim “security officer” who admits to being a jihadi a gun.  It’s all BS.

Whenever one of these things happen, the politicians are always quick to tell  us not blame Islam for the actions of one guy.  Change that logic to a pedophile Catholic priest.  I think it is time to be very wary of Muslims.  When I see one in the Wal-Mart with his wife covered head to toe walking a respectable distance behind, I look for the nearest exit and/or what is handy to pick up throw or attack the guy.  Not PC.  I don't give a *uck.  It's life now.  I am seriously rethinking my stand on constitutional carry and going all in with a concealed carry license.  I wonder what would happen if politician advocated for all able bodied legal citizens to arm themselves and carry.  Whoa, that's not PC and might stop some of this BS. 

If Dopes want to use this act of war to push PC gun control, let them.  Propose banning all registered Dopes and practicing Moooooslims from owning guns.  Perfect.  That should satisfy everyone.  Dopes get about half of all US citizens banned from owning guns and the rest of us get to force Moooslim jihadis to using, illegal guns smuggled across a porous southern border, knives, bombs, autos, bats, ricin, gasoline, propane, fertilizer, drones, semi trucks, box cutters, pressure cookers, axes, crossbows, car bombs, IEDs etc., etc., etc. to do their violence.  For the public school grads out there, the list is intended to point out that the gun ban would do nothing to stop a jihadi or anyone else bent on visiting violence on unsuspecting people.  An armed citizenry, on the other hand, would change the calculus for the number of dead.

Besides, and this is very important, the Pulse Nightclub did take the ultimate gun control measure by declaring themselves a “gun free zone”?  I suppose the FBI investigation will, among other things, have to check the clubs signage.  Were the sign(s) clearly posted and unambiguously worded (i.e. a handgun encompassed in a red circle with a slash through it)?  Since the killer used a long gun, maybe we need to rethink using a simple handgun to declare a venue gun free.  Mateen might have thought that it was perfectly okay to shoot the place up with a long gun since there were no signs with a long gun circled and slashed.  Then bombs circled and slashed.  Then box cutters circled and slashed.  Then...

Here is the current definitive piece on trying to link gun control to this attack.

ASIDE:  Reports are that Mateen celebrated the 9-11 attacks.  This is another case of Donald Trump being correct and vindicated.   

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