Friday, June 17, 2016

Someone is lying. My bet is on The Empty Suit.

Yesterday CIA Director John Brennan told congress that The Empty is either a liar or full excrement.  Well Brennan didn’t use those words exactly, but his testimony before congress on ISIS and the Islamo-Terror-Fascist threat was in such stark and direct contrast to TES who has pressed a happy face sticker over the ugly face of ISIS and Islamo-Terror-Fascists, that we can infer that Brennan has to believe his boss is a lying buffoon or a clueless buffoon.

Look, one of the two is lying.  We know that TES is a liar.  So…  But, why lie?  Well it’s an election year.  Remember the last election - Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive?  Then Benghazi blows that narrative to dust.  What was TES’s and Shrillda the Hutt’s response?  They blamed it on a video and never mentioned the ITF who probably got the location of Ambassador Stevens and knew the horrible security situation at the Benghazi Consulate from hacking the Hutt’s unsecure e-mail set up.  TES telling truth would have ruined his BS narrative.  So would have a truthful press, but come on Lake Erie is more likely to freeze today than the DNC controlled MSM lapdogs ever scratching at the truth when it comes to a Dope.

It is just like Orlando.  The truth is that Orlando was an unprovoked attack by an Islamo-Terror-Fascist.  The Dope narrative is that the attack was the result of lax gun laws.  They will not even tie the use of the gun used in the attack obtained through “lax gun laws” to an ITF.
Why do the Dope have to lie about this?  Isn’t it obvious that there’s a problem with ITF and has been since 1803?  Well it’s an election year again.  If the truth became the narrative – a 5th column of ITF are inside the walls and they want to kill us – it would redound heavily to Trump’s favor.  So the lie is essential to Dope and Shrillda the Hutt’s political campaigns.  For Dopes it’s all about “lone wolf” attacks.   Still today the FBI is saying they cannot find any ties between radical Islam and the Orlando shooter.  Except he called and 9-11 and told them there was.  There are no “lone wolves”.  All of this is a campaign of terror unleashed upon us by an ITF who organize in radical mosques paid for with money from Saudi Arabia.

Well what to do?  Ralph Peters offers some common sense on the undeclared (on our side anyway) war with Islamo-Terror-fascists here. Among Peter’s recommendations is a no kidding declaration of war from the congress.  Not included in this piece was a recommendation I heard from Peters on the often banned (here anyway) Fox News Network.  Peters recommended that any country that does not reciprocate with religious freedom ought not to be allowed to fund religious activities in the US. 

I don’t think that recommendation runs afoul of the 1st Amendment, but what do I know.  I still cannot find the right to have an abortion in the constitution and am apparently dumb enough to think the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to “keep and bear arms”.   So some Harvard educated elitist boneheaded lawyers will no doubt find a phrase or two in the constitution that money equals religious freedom – but not, definitely not, in no way possible does money equate to political free speech.

But the Harvard law crew has its hands full.  We know that Harvard law crew is working overtime hand in hand with the Dopes to subvert the 2nd Amendment.   Joe Manchin (Dope WV) said yesterday that “due process is killing us” with regard to the purchase of weapons.  YGBSM.  No.  A sitting senator actually condemned one of our key safeguards from an overreaching onerous government.  That just about sums up the entire Dope party.  That pesky constitution will not allow them to jail, fine, harass and secretly surveil and restrict their political enemies without “due process”.   

The big sticking point with the current “no fly no buy” gun control debate is the government’s refusal to afford people wrongly placed onto the list due process to get their names removed from the list.  After all due process is killing us according to the Dopes.  It seems to me, in America, there ought to be due process before your name is ever put onto a government list.  But let’s just play along.  What if Lois Learner had the power to create such a list?  Would conservatives be safe from that vindictive *itch? What if the EPA operated that way?  Would anyone who questioned Global Climate Disruption feel safe from government azzbags ruining their lives for political reasons?  If you doubt that Dopes will crash through your door in the middle of the night for nothing more than standing against their fascist political ideas, look into Wisconsin’s John Doe cases.

Besides, if the guy is on a terror watch list, it seems the best way to watch him would be to let people know who they should be watching.  We know the Orlando shooter was on and off the FBI’s radar.  Only after killing 49 was the FBI sure the shooter was an ITF.  A public notice of FBI investigations into ITF, akin that used to inform neighborhoods of sexual criminals living in their midst, to alert neighbors that the garage next door could blow at any moment.  Papers publish arrests before any conviction.  Why can’t the no fly list be published?  Why can’t people who are on it know they are on it and why?  Why can’t their neighbors know?  Maybe the neighbor has some relative information to either clear the guy or convict him.    

I’m absolutely positive that the CAIR and other ITF sympathizing organizations would cry bloody murder if the list were to be published.  They want the list to be secret so their operatives can continue to operate in plain sight.

 Here's a good piece on the AR-15.  And no I don't give a crap what the family of  Mr. Stoner - the gun's inventor - thinks Stoner would think about his gun in the hands of civilians.  First off, today's AR-15 has about as much similarity with Stoner's original design as a 49 Hudson  does with 2016 Bugatti.    To put it in plain language, Stoner's original design was a piece crap that got people killed.  It is constant improvement over decades that has made the weapon reliable, accurate and safe.  At least that's my opinion based on clearing jammed rounds and even occasionally shooting
 early versions.

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