Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exclusive interview with "Make America Mexico again" ingrate

TRIGGER WARNING:  Racist material to follow.

Yes the photo is of a racist acting racist.  Here is a transcript of an interview with the woman in the picture:

News:  What’s your name ma’am?

Woman:  My llamo ees Consuela Bonita Carlita Lopez Jimenez Sanchez Rodriguez.

News:  Where are you from Consuela?

Woman: Meh-ee-co.

News:  Why did you leave Mexico?

Woman:  I leeb Meh-ee-co because ebry morning I hab to geet up and walk one mile to chit in the deech.  Den if wee lucky, rain come and wash out chit down to next veelige.  Bad news ees dat chit from veelige up the heel wash into our veelige.  So our veelige stink like chit and eet eesn’t eeben our chit.

News:  So how did get to America?

Woman:  Well a man come to my veelige.  He has nice clothes and a good car.  I ask my husband, how he get nice clothes and car.  My husband tell me, he ees da goobinors nephew.

News:  So there’s nepotism where you come from?

Woman:  I don’t know nuttin’ ‘bout no neepoteesim, but I tell joo dees, joo eesin’t getting no yob unless joo related to the goobinor. 

News:  So corruption is rampant?

Woman:  I don’t know nuttin’ ‘bout no corruption but I tell joo dees, Joo eesin’t getting no contract unless joo gib da goobinor some cash.  So the goobinor’s nephew asks us “how ees ebryting?”  I tell heem I tired of chitting in da deech.  He tell me to go to Amereeca.  So ask heem, how I going to geet to Amereeca.  Hee reach in hees pocket and gib me pamphlet weeth peectures how to get to Amereeca.  I say what I going to do when I geet to Amereeca?  I hab no skills.  I hab no edumakachon.  He say no to worry.  Amereecans take care ob ebrything.  He gib me another pamphlet how to geet my benefeets garoonteed by constitoochon. 

News:  So how’d you get settled in America?

Woman:  Well Deemocrat operative meets me and fameely at border.  He tell border patrol to *uck off.  He take us to santchuary ceety.  He geets us free apartment, a free Obamaphone and food stamps.  I say how we eat stamps.  He tell me eet’s as good as mooney to buy food or trade for leekor, a gun or drugs.   Den he tell me my five keeds would have priority in goobiments hiring program over Amereecan ceeteezens keeds.  I theenk, hay we yest like goobinor’s family back in Meh-ee-co.

News:  So you are pretty happy to be in America – right?

Woman:  No, no, no.  We Deemocrats.  Amereeca sucks.  Amereeca most racist place in the world.  Dats why we want Amereeca to be Meh-ee-co again.

News:   But that would mean that you’d go back to chitting…uh…$h!t…er…relieving yourself in the deech, ditch.

Woman:  Deemocrats tell me dats okay as long ebrybody else is chitting in a deech.  In Meh-ee-co I chit in deech but goobinor no hab to chit in deech.  Deemocrats tell us when day takes ober evbrybody chit in deech.   See Deemocrats party of equality.    Ebrybody chit een a deech.  Deemocrats sees peoples wit no health eensurance so day passes Robertscare and make it so nobody hab no health eensurance.

News:  So you leave a chit hole to come to America and now you want to make America like the chit hole you left?

Woman:  Si.  Si.  Deemocrats assures me Amereeca suck so bad and so racist better to be Meh-ee-co than Amereeca.

News:  Well Mr. and Mrs. America there’s the logic behind the woman with the sign.

Air Force vet forcibly removed from retirement ceremony
This story is concerning on so many levels.  I can understand some lefty Lib commander wanting to force his religious views – or lack of a view – onto others.  What I cannot understand is how you the 4-5 individuals to interrupt the ceremony to perform an illegal act – that is more concerning than a godless POS commander.

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