Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump shocks world tells truth about Shrillda the Hutt

Finally!  Trump clobbers Shrillda the Hutt
Whatever you think of Donald Trump, yesterday he did something a Rat establishment Republican would never do, told the truth about the Clintons.  Not only did he tell the truth, he did in a manner everyone could understand.  Gone was the pol speak, calling someone “disingenuous” when they are g-damned liars.  Trump held short of the G-D part opting instead to call Shrillda the Hutt a world-class liar.  That’s good enough.  No one was sitting in bar asking what “disingenuous” meant followed with a union rep’s definition, “it means she’s a G-D liar.”   

If Trump keep up a steady beat of telling the truth about the Clintons
-         He’s a lying, thieving, raping, money grubbing POS
-         She’s a lying, thieving, raping enabling, money grubbing POS

She’s such a slow moving target.  She talks about Trump bankrupting America – uh news flash Hutt – we’re 19 trillion in debt.  Some would call that bankrupt, and you were right there while it was happening. 

She talks about reigning in Wall Street while she took 21 million in speaking fees from Wall St. in the last two years.

She talks about women’s issues and is married to and enabled a rapist to enhance her own political career.

She talks about spending money on infrastructure repairs forgetting the 831 billion flushed by The Empty Suit on "shovel ready projects" that Slow Joe Biden was responsible for accounting for every dollar.

She had a Ted Baxter moment when she read the stage directions off of the teleprompter.  In true Ted Baxter fashion, the idiot read – sigh - off the teleprompter .  One of my favorite takes from the Mary Tyler Moore show was when Ted Baxter reads the stage directions from the teleprompter – “take off glasses concerned”.  After reading the stage directions, he pauses, whips off his glasses and stares into the camera with a concerned look.  I thought, how someone could be so stupid.  Well, now I’m getting an idea.

Demo-Dopes channel college snowflakes to shut down the people’s house
Taking a page from the petulant leader of their ever more socialist party, Dope members of the House of Representatives held a sit-in on the floor of the House yesterday.   While Paulie Walnuts (aka Speaker of the House Paul Ryan) tried to conduct the business of the people, Dopes trashed the 1st Amendment and hooted and hollered in their best impression of college snowflakes shouting down a conservative speaker on campus.  The House, I suppose, is a “safe zone” for Dope legislators.  If I were a Republican I’d have advocated for very publicly bringing in rugs and juice boxes for nap time.  I’d let the dumbazzes look like dumbazzes until Nov.  The less congress does the better. 

How Texas and Louisiana differ in handling criminal athletes
A Louisiana Parish District Attorney – Jerry Jones - let a couple of Alabama football players off the hook on drug and weapon’s charges because they, “…have spent their adolescence and their teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all at home in the air conditioning”, i.e. they were practicing football.  “Uh gee, Chief Wiggum, I don’t know.  Drugs and weapons are pretty dangerous combination.”  “No worries Lou.  Those boys will be spending all of their time practicing football and studying for their physics exam.  They’ll have no time to shoot or shoot up anyone or anything.”

On the other hand, Texas comes down hard on their athletes.  Check this out.  The two star athletes in the video may have to take their game to Louisiana to catch a break.

Dope Homer opposes death penalty unless it’s Islamo-Terror-Fascists beheading Christians
Dope Homer is picking up his attacks on the death penalty.  Fine.  Will he take his message to Islamo-Terror-Fascists beheading, burning, drowning and pitching people off of tall buildings?  I doubt it.  He will focus on the west and appease the ITF or blame the rise of the ITF on the west.   

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