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Nothing is sacred, Lex rolls in on the Sunday bulletin

For Lex, nothing is off limits.  This long piece was "triggered" by a 145 word blurb on global warming that appeared in Sunday's church bulletin.  I hate going somewhere and being inundated with leftist BS that has nothing to do with the reason I showed up.  All of this St. Vincent's fault.  They should have posted a "trigger warning" on the front of the bulletin: "WARNING: Leftist Global Climate Change propaganda is contained within."   

Dear Father Dan;
I read the bulletin of Sunday Jun 12 and was disappointed to run across the meditation for Sunday, to wit:

Care for Creation is a moral issue. Protecting the land, water, and air we share is a religious duty of stewardship and reflects our responsibility to born and unborn children, who are most vulnerable to environmental assault... Effective initiatives are required for energy conservation and the development of alternate, renewable, and clean energy resources. Our Conference offers a distinctive call to seriously address global climate change, focusing on the virtue of prudence, pursuit of the common good, and the impact on the poor, particularly on vulnerable workers and the poorest nations. The United States should lead in contributing to the sustainable development of poorer nations and promoting greater justice in sharing the burden of environmental blight, neglect, and recovery. It is important that we address the rising number of migrants who are uprooted from their homeland as a consequence of environmental degradation and climate change...”

Who wrote that disjointed gobooldygook?  How many far flung, disparate and false ideas can be thrown into one meditation?  Did anyone at St. Vincent’s bother to read it before having it printed in the bulletin?  “[O]ur responsibility to born and unborn children, who are most vulnerable to environmental assault…”  Huh?  It seems to me in today’s world, children face 1,000s of risks and pretty far down the list for any of them would be an “environmental assault”.  I’d wager that the anxiety created by the scare tactics used by global warm-mongers is higher on the list of risks to children than any so called “environmental assault”.  What assault?  The ironically named Environmental Protection Agency who dumped a million gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River – that environmental assault perpetrated on us by another incompetent government agency charged with saving the planet?  If the intent was to foster a sensible and healthy skepticism of government competence, it needs to go back for rewrite.

Did anyone consider the juxtaposition of advocating for the poor while arguing for, “Effective initiatives …for energy conservation and the development of alternate, renewable, and clean energy resources”?  Wind is an alternative, renewable and clean energy source.  It is also the most unreliable and most expensive source of electricity provided to the grid.  Were in not for subsidies (30 billion dollars and counting) and mandates to buy wind generated power, those monuments to man’s arrogance and stupidity and a blight on an otherwise pleasant drive on the Indiana Ohio border would be torn down and sold for scrap.  How much good could be done for the poor with the 30 billion flushed down a rat hole on a harebrained scheme to force renewables onto the American people?  Besides the 10s of thousands of birds killed by windmills, who is hurt the most when the cost electricity is increased to support these boneheaded ideas?  I think the poor.

The conference needs to get with the latest terminology.  Global Climate Change is no longer the term of art.  We’ve gone from global cooling in 70s, to global warming when global cooling didn’t pan out, to global climate change when the globe refused to warm for the last 20 years, now to global climate disruption.  See “change” had to go because, as we all know, the globe’s climate has been changing since Genesis.  For the life of me I do not know why all the fuss over these last 4-5 decades which are but a blip in geological/theological terms.  The term Global Climate Change does not indicate that man is responsible for the change.  So Global Climate Change is out and Global Climate Disruption is in.  Who/what is disrupting the climate?   The sun?  No.  Wind?  No.  The totally unpredictable nature of cloud cover?  No.  All of this disruption is being caused by God’s greatest creation - man.     

But let’s not argue.  Let’s just lay out what reasonable people agree to.

The Earth has not warmed for the last 20 or so years.  That is in spite of the temp being recorded by corrupt global warm-mongering organizations like East Anglia University that admitted to lying about, covering up and making up out of whole cloth data to support their point of view.  They call the 20 years since any detectable warming nothing but an unexplained “pause”.  Question:  If the “pause” is unexplainable to these wizards of smart, how can they state with such certitude the cause of warming in the first place?

Nearly every single prediction made by the warm-mongers has been wrong, nay, spectacularly wrong.  Eleven years ago Al Gore predicted the end of Earth as we knew her in ten years.  Yet we are all somehow still here.  Mr. Gore, a multi award winning warm-mongering icon who makes a living selling himself carbon credits and who once claimed that the Earth’s core is “extremely hot several million degrees”, has yet to update his bogus prediction.  (Note: The core of the sun is estimated to be 3.5 million degrees.  Who knew the Earth is  nearly as hot as the sun?)  “Scientist” are most often wrong when predicting the end of the world.  Global cooling was supposed to kill us.  It never happened.  Global population was supposed to kill us.  It never happened.  Depletion of key resources was supposed to kill us.  It never happened.  Now Global Climate Disruption is going to kill us all.  I doubt it.

The most abundant greenhouse gas – the gas that is supposed to kill us all – is water vapor.  Most of that occurs naturally.  Man’s supposed contribution to our suicide by greenhouse gas is CO2.  But that contribution when compared to CO2 that occurs naturally is like man spitting into the Pacific Ocean.  Over the last 250 years man has introduced one part of CO2 in 10,000 into the atmosphere.  Volcanic eruptions like Mt. Pinatubo or Mt. St. Helens introduce many times man’s 250 year contribution of CO2 - in a single event.

America is not a planet.   We could park our car, shut down all of our industry and return to an agrarian economy tomorrow and it would not lower the Earth’s temperature .025 degrees over 25 years.  

No attack on global warm-mongering would be complete without pointing out the utter hypocrisy of most global warm-mongers.  When he’s not strolling around one of his mansions or motorcading to and fro in a fleet of SUVs, Al Gore makes a fortune selling himself and others carbon credits so he can jet about making ignorant speeches about Earth being hotter than the sun and to tell the rest of us to ride the bus and live in an apartment.  Leonardo DiCaprio jetted half way around the world to pick up an environmental award.  When the global warm-mongering glitterati gather in Davos to discuss how to tackle “environmental assaults” they cause more pollution jetting in on private jets, gorging themselves with gourmet food and jetting out than a small nation.  Our fearless leader who hectors and nags about climate change and his wife regularly hop separate tax-payer funded private flights minutes apart to the same location.  Once they even flew the family dog separately.  Question:  If all these warm-mongers believe the bologna they are trying to feed us but are totally unwilling to adjust their own life styles to save the planet, why should anyone else?

I do not know what man’s contribution to the Earth’s climate is.  That puts me on a par with nearly all of the warm-mongers.  The only difference between me and them is my willingness to say, “I don’t know.”   But I can take comfort in Mathew 8-26: He said to them, “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.  

Sometimes I wonder why I seem to have more faith in God’s creation than the pope and our bishop.

If I might be so bold, the Catholic Church's stance on Global Climate Disruption is a simple statement: God has blessed us with an abundance of gifts.  It is our duty to safeguard and respect those gifts. 

I believe the truth is that the global warm-mongers are globalists, socialists, anarchist, communists et al that want to use a phony issue to bring down the west.  

Okay the computing machine tells me I’ve used over 1,300 words to answer a 145 word blurb in the Sunday bulletin.  If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve been punished enough.  There’s absolutely no need to respond to this screed.

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One of your best, Lex. Absolutely top-notch.