Friday, June 24, 2016

Brits are out, EU begins long slow death throe

The Brits are out of the EU.  Or so they think.  We need to keep in mind that the will of the people means absolutely nothing to globalist elitists.  Anyone who thinks that they will just say, “Okay, right, your side won.  No worries, we’ll just pack it in then.  Cheerio.”  The Brexit will need to keep the elitists pol’s feet to the fire.  Cameron had to go.  He made the correct decision to graciously step down.  Now, had Cameron been a crybully Demo-Dope, he’d be sitting on the floor of Parliament throwing a temper tantrum and screeching like a Social Justice Howler Monkey.  

My sense is that the working people of Europe have always been suspicious of the EU.  When we traveled around we’d see signs of it – literally – scrawled on river and sea walls, bridge abutments, buildings etc. *UCK THE EU.   My sense was that the people were not for the EU.  In that regard, the elitist ruling class European pols are no different than the clueless BS merchants who shut down the congress by whining like babies on floor of the House.  They know what’s best and the will of the people will not alter their way of thinking.

The Brexit could lead to the demise of the EU.  If I were a Frenchman or German, I’d be wondering why the Brits got to vote and we didn’t.  So I think if the Brexit by itself doesn’t cause the tumble of the EU, it may give rise to demands by the people to vote on the issue.  People voting is like kryptonite to elitists.  So if France or Germany opts out next, who’s going to be left pay Greece’s bills?  If I were German I’d be wondering who’s going to pay when – and I still say IF – the Brits exit.  I think as the last descent large economy in the EU the Germans are going to get screwed.

The only one in a deeper funk than David Cameron this morning is Shrillda the Hutt.  Even that clueless POS can see a mood against the kind of globalization BS she and the Dopes are pushing. 

The Supreme Court decisions out yesterday are of grave concern
But Lex, conservatives are celebrating in the streets over the court’s decision to rebuke The Empty Suit on immigration.  YGBSM.  It was a 4-4 split that solved nothing.  4-4 split on something so basic as the separation of powers as outlined in the constitution on a nation-altering issue – immigration - which TES had said a dozen times he lacked authority to change.  An honest court would have found 8-0 against TES.   

Then the court let stand Affirmative Action as a metric for university admission.  Okay, there’s a story on Drudge about 2015 being the first year where white births were a minority.  So when does Affirmative Action end?  Will the white kids being born in 2015 be able to take advantage of AA to get into college in the year 2033?    I doubt that that will ever be the case.  One thing we know about the Social Justice Howler Monkey crowd is that they are a vindictive bunch.  What was designed as a hand up will be used as a hammer to keep white kids down.

This is the definitive piece on the phenomenon known as Trigglypuff
I love the term - Social Justice Howler Monkeys, which I have already lifted for this morning’s post.  It may become the new moniker for that crowd and if it sticks will be shortened to SJHM.

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