Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Trump U no bigger scam than a communications degree from The OSU

Whenever a Dope pol attacks Clarence Thomas for “not being black”, being stupid, a clown in blackface, an affirmative action pass through, etc. etc. Rat establishment Republicans are always reliably silent about it.  When Donald Trump comments on La Raza Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the ReR bastards line up at the mic to see who can feign the most outrage while condemning Trump.  The more ReR line up to attack Trump, as always, the more people think, “Hmm, Trump must be the man.”

After one of the debates when Trump U came up, Lex opined that Trump should quietly settle the case.  Settling is in the Donald’s nature.  Besides when people line up to join a class action law suit and you settle I suppose you become a marked man if you have much going on as Trump does.  I don’t know what the lawsuit entails.  Something about Trump U being a scam and not providing any of the valuable information promised leaving “graduates” no better off than before shelling out a lot of money to take the course.  That sounds like an argument against any university in the country these days. 

Universities offering degrees in gender studies, black studies, social justice, queer studies, music therapy, puppetry and probably two dozen other totally useless degrees likely charge more and provide less actual education than Trump U or even an online diploma factory.

I engaged in a rigorous course of studies at The OSU to obtain a communications degree.  I have yet to earn a dime from obtaining that degree.  Can I sue The OSU?  Now imagine a degree from say Yale in philosophy.  How the heck do you get a return on dollars spent for an education at Yale with a philosophy degree?  Can you sue?

If Trump U is a scam the only difference between that scam and an Ivy League education in poetry is the name of the university on the diploma.

Now with regard to the judge.  Everyone is dumping on Trump for calling out the judge but I haven’t really heard anything about the judge’s rulings themselves.  So is the judge being fair.  I do not know.  I do know that the judge is human.  I do not automatically assume a judge to be correct – case in point Robertscare.  Some judges are or can be dopes in black robes and do not rate universal automatic praise and worship.

Curiel may be a racist dope for all I know.  Calling him or any other judge out after unfavorable rulings in a case is as common as a dirty microwave in the office breakroom.  This just cannot be that big of a deal.  ReRs play into the MSM’s hands by making it such.  At the risk of being rolled in on by the likes of Newt Gingrich et al eff Judge Curiel and the entire case.  Who cares?

A male tranny high school student competed in the girls track in the Alaska high school state track meet.  No one could have predicted men would invade the girls’ spaces. No wait Lex did in the post under.  Why do lefty libs hate women and girls so much?.  They go to all of the trouble to get Title IX passed and then let the guys compete in girls’ sports.  Why not let the heavy weights compete in the light weight division in wrestling if they identify as a thin person?

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