Monday, July 18, 2016

Changing places

An actor musician I’ve never heard of, Henry Rollins wrote this“If white America experienced a fraction of what black America deals with regarding law enforcement, incarceration, the court system, employment and countless other facts of life, they would immediately and collectively lose their minds.”

If the races changed places I suppose many whites would “lose their minds”.  Probably a small percentage.  If poor whites became poor blacks their position as a protected class of poor people would probably improve their condition.  If middle class whites woke up black there would be an adjustment period for sure.  Then they’d learn to play the race card and take advantage of affirmative action and they’d be all right.  The rich would be hardest hit until the skills that made them rich in the first place kicked in.  Then their education, savvy, ambition, business skills, people skills, God given talent ect. (and yes affirmative action programs) would again propelled them to new heights. 

Inner city schools would improve dramatically.  Two parent homes with parents that insisted education be taken seriously would expose inner city school unions as the corrupt bastions of mediocrity that they are. 

Money follows education, savvy, ambition, business skills, people skills, God given talent, the ability to speak the native language clearly and accurately.  After a short adjustment period, the money would flow back into safe city centers.  

The streets would be safe to walk as parents got their kids off the streets to work on their homework clean up the back yard and sweep the porch.  Here’s some other stuff:

Black Thugs Matter would cease to exist.    

The Demo-Party wouldn’t win another election outside dog catcher in any city larger than Cedar Fall, IA.  

Police would be respected and welcomed into the community. 

So sure, if you woke up another race one morning, it’d be a shocker.  But as long as the preparation for life wasn’t changed, you’d adjust, learn the ropes and let your God given talents take over.  The better experiment might be - rather than switching race, switch preparation and life skills and see what would happen.  If whites woke up with a chip on their shoulder, acted out against teachers, police and other forms of authority, ignored your offspring your outlook for employment would be diminished.  If you woke up with no skills, no education, no ambition etc. you are going to end up a ward of the welfare state.

The plight of blacks in America may be tougher than for whites but bitching about the refs has never won a game.  Learn the rules, avoid the cheap fouls and win.  I am not so racist to think that America is so racist that talent, education, ambition, character etc. do  not count.

It’s like a poker game.  There are people who know how to play it and people who don’t.  You could redistribute the money half way through the game and in less than a dozen hands the people who know how to play, irrespective of race, will be doing very well and the people who don’t will find their situation back to where it was before the redistribution.

Success in America is like poker.  Knowing how to play is everything. 

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