Thursday, July 07, 2016

Signs of the impending armed revolution

Professor calls for armed assault on NRA Headquarters
A “professor” at some dime store Ohio diploma factory called Southern State Community College called for shooting up the NRA Headquarters in VA.  James Pearce an adjunct professor is under investigation for a post on his Fakebook page calling for violence against the NRA.  My guess is this directional college will grant the adjunct tenure and name a scholarship funded with taxpayer money after him. 

There is a certain amount of irony in Prof. Pearce calling for a band of like-minded lunatics to arm themselves with very instruments they wish to ban to commit acts which they supposedly abhor.  But irony and their deep hypocrisies on gun control, Global Climate Disruption, free speech, etc. are always lost on lefty Libs.  My money would be on the boys and girls at the NRA destroying Prof. Pearce’s little group bent on murder about 30 seconds into their ill-advised assault.

Now if the NRA were to tap out a tongue in cheek piece about gun lovers arming themselves and storming the Capitol Building during a Demo-Dope sit in and shooting the place up you can bet there would be hell to pay.  But legal gun owners are, by and large, a responsible group and make no such threats – even jokingly. 

Seriously though, Prof. Pearce, go ahead and scrounge up a set of manly orbs for yourself and go for it.  It will not end well for you, but the taxpayers are unlikely to have to pay for any lengthy trials as you and band will all probably be dead.  On this page, I call that progress.

Cops under attack in Baton Rouge, LA
Another black man (Not yet confirmed to look like The Empty Suit’s son…if he had one) was shot and killed by police.  I don’t make any judgement about this case except to say that, again, had the man simply complied with police instructions he’d be alive.  While I don’t make any judgments, you can bet the Black Thugs Matter crowd are stirring up the mob while casing all of the local liquor stores to be looted when the inevitable violence breaks out. 

Rule of law subverted
The FBI Director Comey is headed to Capitol Hill today to testify before congress about his predictable but yet somehow still inexplicable decision to let a guilty as hell Shrillda the Hutt walk.  If the hearing goes as these hearings typically go, this will work to the Hutt’s advantage as preening jackazz pols spend their questioning time with long statements preening before the cameras before asking a long convoluted and stupid question.  Unless Republicans turn over all their question time to Jim Jordan and/or Trey Gowdy, Comey will look brilliant and Congress will look like the bunch of clueless hacks that it is largely made up of.  Point to Shrillda the Hutt.

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