Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brexit causes markets to boom

Did I just see that the US stock market hit an all-time high?  How can that be?  Markets were going crash and the world was going to end just a few weeks ago with Brexit.  If I were conspiracy theorist, I’d swear manipulators caused the Brexit market panic so little guys would dump their stock so the big fish could scoop them up at bargain basement prices.

Speaking of Brexit, is Donald Trump on the same path as the Brexit vote?  Recall that in Briton the pols in both major parties, the glitterati and the MSM all lined up behind the globalists or stay side of the argument.  It was only the pesky UK voting class that was for exiting the EU and reestablishing British sovereignty.  They didn’t have TV shows, movie contracts, a newspaper column or a cushy government job.  How did they manage?

Here in the good ol’ USA, Donald Trump is being opposed by all of the Demo-Dope establishment creeps, a large portion of the Rat establishment Republican creeps, a creepy slavishly Demo-Dope partisan MSM, nearly the entirety of Hollywood even Wall St. fat cats – who are now owned by the Demo-Dope party who rails against them - are not lining up for Trump and somehow The Donald has managed to stay close.

If Trump can manage to thread this political needle, it will make his primary win, where he rather easily dispatched 16 talented and successful candidates, look as easy as trying to drop a beach ball into the Pacific Ocean while standing knee deep in the water.

Black Lives Matter
I do not know what gave rise to such a ridiculously racist title for a group that claims the mantel of the new civil rights movement.  Does anyone know anyone who has ever said that black lives do not matter?  Why do these poseurs of civil rights shout down and physically attack anyone who dare claim all lives matter?  Paraphrasing Rev? Al now, racist we must.

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