Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A TV news ban is in full effect

No.  Hell no.  I didn’t watch any of the liar thief convention.  I was in the kitchen and overheard Faux-cohontus Warren rip off Donald Trump saying the “system is rigged”. Any talk of plagiarism among the MSM on that one?  I didn’t think so.  Instead of pointing the line where it belongs – at the Caligula D.C. ruling class thieves and azzbags - Big Chief Liarface pointed Trump’s line at “the rich” - which ironically includes her, her party's nominee and all of the Dope speakers including their beloved 1/2 millionaire socialist which you’d think would be an oxymoron obvious to everyone.  But hey, it’s the Dopes so somehow it isn’t and it all makes sense to these senseless fools.

It’s a damn shame that the Clintons have been able to figuratively rape America and Bill literally rape Americans for decades and yet these crooked, lying, thieving, disgusting, sub-human grifters - who it seems have never made an honest dollar in their lives and would probably faint dead away given the opportunity to do so - somehow remain popular with 1/3rd of the voters.

One has to wonder how a country of 350 million or so people has boiled its national “leadership” down to a reality tv star and woman that should have been thrown in jail numerous times alongside her perjured, impeached, thieving, letch of husband.

One thing is certain.  For the Clintons, it’s easier to lie and stand by that lie in the face of mountains of contrary evidence than it is to accidentally brush up against the truth.  After getting a pass from the FBI for her lies and treasonous private e-mail server, Shrillda the Hutt actually told 60 Minutes that there’s a “different standard for her”.  Well no $h!t.  She was referring to the charges, mostly accurate, leveled against her at the RNC Convention.  But to utter those words after the FBI twisted logic as if it were a bag of Twizzlers to let the creep off the hook for disclosing national secrets is hutzpah rarely, if ever, seen.    

The Clintons would rather sit on their azzes and thieve a million dollars than get up and earn 10 million through some modest but honest effort.  They are the crew from the movie The Sting with none of the charm and the personalities of John Wayne Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer.  Even so they remain the darlings of the Dope Party.  Now you know one reason why they are referred to as “Dopes” on this page.

It’s a brave new world out there. Okay, it’s a new world.  For Dopes it doesn’t require any particular courage to hitch your wagon to the person/Party that is going to give you the most free stuff.  The fact that the person handing out the “stuff” is a repulsive human being is no matter.  The “stuff” is what matters. 

My greatest hope is that Wikileaks blows Shrillda the Hutt and the Demo Party out of the water.  That more DNC e-mails drip, drip, drip out until Bernie has to say – “ENOUGH! With this corrupt woman!”  That her e-mails from her private account reveals what a low down money laundering corrupt enterprise the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is.  That the entire bunch ends up in cuffs in very public perp walk.

But as we all know the system is rigged.  No matter the crime, no the matter the evidence, the Clintons are untouchable until Caligula D.C. is cleaned out.  We came into this post referring to a “rigged system” and we’re back there.  So I guess it’s time to stop typ

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