Thursday, July 21, 2016

The tool's toolism on full display

Clean up on aisle Cruz
Reminder:  Urban Dictionary definition of a tool:  an offensive comment, mainly aimed towards the male of the species, when one is being particularly nasty, stupid, or facetious.
God, Evan is such a tool! 

I cannot believe I backed Ted the tool Cruz early on.  What a total douche.  It seems to me if you accept the opportunity to deliver a toast at a wedding you don’t tell the new bride, “Look if this doesn’t work out, I’m still here for you.”  That was essentially Ted the tool’s message to Republicans last night.  After Trump graciously allowed the tool the opportunity to address the convention, the tool was…well…a tool.

All we really need to know about the tool, Kasich (other than he cuts his own hair), Jeb!! and the rest of sore losers is that they gave their word in front of the world to support/endorse the Republican nominee and they have gone back on their word.  So why ever trust them again?  Their word means nothing.

More off putting than the non-endorsement from the tool was the smug smirk on his face.  Even when I was in the Cruz camp I noted that there was something off putting about his personality.  It showed itself again last night – in spades.

Then out came Newt and extemporaneously did a suitable job cleaning up the stain and freshen the air after Ted the turd had left the stage.

Mike Pence gave the kind of speech that he absolutely needed to deliver.

A couple more of The Empty Suit’s sons
Several posts under I noted how I “profile” the headlines.  Nailed this one.  The idea that this was not an ambush is of little comfort.  The fact that thugs are so willing to shoot it out with police officers is another sad legacy of The Empty Suit.

“So what” is sometimes an appropriate answer
It’s hot, or as we like to say in Indiana, it’s summer.  No matter. When it gets hot the Global Warm-mongers come out in force and, like old men rocking on the porch, bitch about the weather.  Senate Demo-Dopes have moved their rocking chairs to the floor of the senate to complain about summer.    

Tom Harris and Dr. Ball have the perfect response to the Dope’s case for global warming climate change climate disruption – so what?

Reminds me of when we – the students – at some military school were surprised by some unexpected - and to be honest impossible – maneuver by the OpFor during a computer war game.  My response to the panic in the Ops Center was, “So what?  Did you seriously suppose that they (the faculty) were just going to allow us to flawlessly execute our plan?  Of course they are screwing with us.”

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