Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump thumps MSM with first 100 days release

I have no idea how this Trump thing is going to work out.  I do know Trump is not Shrillda the Hutt.  In that regard, Trump’s presidency will be a huge success.  The Ramirez cartoon above captures my sentiment exactly.  My coming out position, to anyone who cares, is that if Trump does nothing other than nominate decent Supreme Court Justices his election will have been worth the gamble.

Now the new Senate minority leader Chuckles Chucky Schumer is indicating that the Dopes will filibuster Trump’s nominee, if in their opinion the nominee is outside the mainstream.  Well, look at the election map.  About 7/8ths of the country is outside the Dope mainstream.  Dopes are vilifying everyone Trump talks to during his transition as a racist.  Jeff Sessions = racist.  Rudy Giuliani = racist.  Steve Bannon = racist.  A trend?  No doubt whomever Trump picks from the list of potential Supreme Court Justices that he published and ran his campaign on will be outside the Dope mainstream.

Republicans could steamroll the Dopes with the nuclear option that - ala Harry the roach Reid - suspends the senate’s filibuster rules.  The more likely option is that 6-7 Dopes that feel threatened in their upcoming mid-term elections – Joe Manchin (WV) for example - will vote to confirm at least the first of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.  Elections have consequences.  Trump won.  So go big on the first nominee.

The idea that Senate Republicans would grow a spine after Trump’s example of how to beat the Dopes is suspect.  We handed them the House in one off year election and all they did was bitch about not controlling the senate.  We handed them the Senate in the next off year election and all they was bitch about not having the Oval Office.  We’ve handed them the Oval Office – against the wishes of many of them by the way – and even money is now on that the Rat establishment Republican's coming out position when faced with Chucky Schumer’s obstructionism will be, “Well, we need a super majority in the senate to get anything done.”  After all, Trump’s election did not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of congress is made up of self-serving Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwipes.  They are the swamp creatures that Trump needs to hang out to dry after the swamp is drained.*

*Is the term “drain the swamp” environmentally triggering?  I mean does it not indicate that Trump hates the wetlands?  Maybe the smug self-righteous Hamilton cast can address this outrage from the stage at their next performance.

But I’m sure Trump’s affect will resonate far beyond the Supreme Court.  First, Trump had the MSM to Trump Tower - and according to some reports - read them the riot act.  He reportedly told the truth about CNN and all of the on-air personalities (to call them “reporters” is such a stretch) calling them all liars.  After pointing out the undeniable truth about the MSM, Trump gave them all the middle finger bypassing them – bigly - when he released his 100 day plan and update on his transition plans via YouTube.  Brilliant move on his part.  Call the BS MSM out and then minutes later show them how easy it is for him to sidestep them.   

I’ve always wondered why the GOP played nice with the MSM.  It could not be clearer that the MSM hates their guts.  But the GOP bends over backward to accommodate the MSM’s dismantling of their organization.  The GOP could not even bring themselves to choose the moderators and rules for their own debates.  Instead, they gave the keys to bank to criminals.  Trump won’t play nice with these azzbags.  Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, FNC etc. gives Trump the opportunity to marginalize the big MSM outlets.  He should never sit with them for anything.  Everyone knows they are a rigged wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC.  Trump should treat them as such.  At his first presser, he should ignore them completely and call on reporters outside the MSM until the bigs demonstrate that they capable of honest reporting.   The last two words in that idea are totally foreign to the MSM. 

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