Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Why are you reading this? Go vote!

I vote on Election Day.  With the exception of a few absentee ballots cast while deployed with the USMC, in person, on Election Day is my preferred method of electoral participation in our – for now anyway – free republic.  I was in line this morning about 20 minutes before the polls opened.  If the line in the garnet red 3rd district of IN is any indication, it should be good day for Trump.  The line was already long when I showed up and was wrapping around the parking lot by the time I finished.   

Sadly as far as know there is no political axiom that states, as goes the Indian’s 3rd district, so goes the country.

While waiting in line for the polls to open it dawned on me that tonight in some city there will - no doubt - be a long line of people waiting to vote just as the polls are about to close.  Some judge will pass a decree ordering the polls to remain open until the last voter has cast his last few ballots.  No judge has ever interceded on my behalf demanding that the polls open early to accommodate responsible people who get out of bed early to perform their civic duty.  Weird huh?

Headline news: FBI offers speed reading class to public. 
After sifting through 650,000 e-mails in a mere 8 days, the FBI has decided that it would start marketing their speed reading skills in a course available to all Americans.  Upon completion, students will be able to finish War and Peace in about 12 minutes.  When asked what the story is about, they will have learned Shrillda the Hutt should be immediately canonized as Saint Shrill and that the Clinton Crime Family Foundation is the greatest charity since the “good Samaritan”.  

If elected, the Hutt is expected to make the course mandatory in order to graduate from all high schools and colleges.

The problem with most Dopes
The problem with most Dopes is captured in the character - make that lack of character - of Dirt Bag Donna Brazil (DBDB) and Harry the roach Reid.  DBDB was caught passing debate questions to the Hutt on several occasions.  At first she tried to deny it.  Now, she owns it.  She takes it a bit further when she says, “Let me tell you something – my conscience, as an activist, as a strategist, my conscience is very clear.”  That’s all you really need to know about the Dope party.  The Chairman of the DNC - is a cheat - gets caught, lies about cheating then claims to have a “very clear” conscience about being a known cheat and liar. 

DBDB fashions herself after another well-known Dope liar, thief, pederast and all round double d-bag Harry the roach Reid.  When asked about the lie he told about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for ten years, the Roach’s response was, “Well he lost didn’t he.” 

In a different and simpler age these disputes would be settled with dueling pistols and the world would be a better place because it would be short two more lying scumbags.  

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