Monday, November 21, 2016

The Dopes don't want to know why they lost, they can't handle the truth

Celebs leaving LAX after the election - we wish
As the Dope autopsy on Shrilda the Hutt’s azzwippin’ takes form, the finger pointing and accusations of racist sexism are flying faster than the all of the private aircraft taking off at LAX packing phony celebs who said they’d leave the country if Trump won or, for those who prefer hypocrisy and irony, the ones leaving Davos after talking climate change policy (for the little people) over an arduous three days of cocktail parties with like-minded swells.

Trump - the well-known racist - got a larger percentage of the black and Hispanic vote than Romney or McCain.  But the Dopes cannot hold blacks and Hispanics responsible for Trump’s election, because holding a mino responsible for a disaster real or perceived would, of course, be racist.   When blacks riot, burn and loot Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, LA… well pick any city under Dope control for the last 50 years, it’s not the blacks who are rioting who are held responsible for the destruction, rather it’s the police, white privilege, “institutional racism”* etc.  In the mind of the typical Dope, the proximate cause of the damage is never the perp causing the damage.  So blacks and Hispanics who voted for Trump are off the hook…for now.

*If it is “institutional racism”, and the city has been under Dope control for 50 or more years, who institutionalized it?

Here’s another fun fact for the Dopes.  Trump – the well-known misogynist – carried 53% of white women.  Well there’s half a scapegoat for the Dopes.  The “white” part of that description fits in perfectly with the Dope world view – white = bad.  But want to do with “women” part of “white women”?  Hmm.  Shrillda the Hutt’s singular qualification for running for president and the only part of her failed campaign that wasn’t a total BS lie was that she’s a she.  So, what to do with these whitey women who somehow betrayed their lady parts and left the Dope Reservation.

Being women they cannot be racist, sexist, homophobes.  So what happened?  Well for one thing they are sick of helping their kids with common core math with word problems that read like Dope propaganda: 

There are 35 kids in Little Johnny’s class.  That overcrowded classroom was forced on the valiant teacher’s union by nasty Republican who would rather spend money on nuclear bombs to destroy the world than fund our schools.  Of the 35, 32 ½ are LGBTQOUKYJGGH, one-and-a-half identify as god and one is a camo clad white supremist who plays football, has been seen using a finger gun on the playground, says “God bless” when someone sneezes and eats meat.  When the white supremist brings one of his dad’s 100 or so AR military type weapons of mass destruction to school and kills 23 of Little Johnny’s classmates, how many kids will the lunch ladies have to prepare one of Moochelle’s wonderful meatless tofu and gruel meals for Little Johnny’s class?   If you are within 5 ¾ you will receive full credit.  Counselors are available if this problem has traumatized you.

The problem has to be with the white working class men.  But, they voted for The Empty Suit…twice in PA, MI, OH and WI.  So what caused them to go from enlightened globalist pawns to racists knuckle dragging idiots in 8 years?  The easy answer is TES happened.  The other easy answer is the Hutt who ran on nothing other than being a lying thieving woman. 

So the proximate cause of the Dope azzwippin’ will go unidentified.  The swells in the party will identify the cause as not enough celebrity endorsements, the MSM wasn’t fully in the tank and the party didn’t label the correct percentage of Trump supporters as deplorables.  Their answer will be to become more vile, more anti-American, more open borders, less fair trade, look further down their noses at the working class.  Nothing says we couldn’t be more out of touch than putting a raging anti-Semite – Keith Ellison - in charge of the DNC.   

When Trump asked that the cast apologize for hectoring the VP after Friday’s performance on B’way, the cry baby, safe zone snowflakes claimed that Trump was against free speech.  No.  He’s against rude boorish behavior – that isn’t his own. 

And it’s not just rude.  It’s also cowardly to take a cheap personal shot at someone from the stage where the target has no chance to respond.   The actor is a coward and a punk.  WOW!  Alert the MSM.  Actor turns out to be cowardly punk!  What were the chances?

The DNC will bring in more of these narcissistic clueless a-holes that helped them to lose the last election.  Keep bashing your head against that wall DNC harder and faster. 

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