Tuesday, November 15, 2016

But, but, but the Hutt won the popular vote

Here’s the perfect answer to the post-election lefty lib mantra “Shrillda The Hutt won the popular vote” non sequitur.  Winning the popular vote is like having the most first downs in a football game.  It’s nice, but it does not determine the victor.

The election was determined by the rules set out in the US Constitution.  As a good percentage of the perpetually outraged alt left are anti-American and anti-constitutional - in that they claim it’s a living and breathing document - that fact alone may explain why the lefty Libs are outraged. 

Trump played by the same set of rules every presidential election has been played under since 1788.  Wednesday after the election the left is crying foul, taking to the streets to destroy their own lefty liberal strongholds.

There are many reasons why the states actually elect the president through the Electoral College (EC).  The EC ensures that every president isn’t a native of large and popular states like NY or CA.  It lets diverse (the holy grail of lefty libs until it works against them) states vote their own interests.  It ensures that a fractured vote among 5 or 6 candidates does not result in the election of a fringe candidate as president.  It is a final safeguard against a tyrant rising to power.  Blah, blah, blah.  Bottom line: Those were the rules that game started under.  Now the lefty Libs don’t like the results and want to throw the playing board across the floor.  

There are even those on the looney lefty Lib calling for revolution, secession of certain states, violence etc.  Well the lefty Libs ought to consider these few things before getting too carried away.  A quick look at the county by county voting chart here makes it clear 98% of the country’s food production is in the red.  A large percentage of America’s energy resources are in the red areas.  A large percentage of guns and an even larger percentage of people who likely know how to use them are in the red areas.  It may be a better idea for the looney lefty Libs to continue to destroy tier own strongholds than to try to move the violence into the red areas. 

The blue areas do have the advantage of already being organized into feral, well-armed and violent units that law enforcement refers to as gangs.   The big disadvantage is getting them to move into a red area.  As there is nothing to easily loot, it’s a tough sell.  Better and easier to stay put and loot, burn and smash up the blue strongholds while railing against the red areas of America.  Sure it’s weird.  But that’s what it is.

It’s also a good reason to check your ammo supply.

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