Wednesday, November 16, 2016

School kids forced out of school to protest Trump

Kids in the blue strongholds are being told to leave school and protest the election of Donald Trump.  Given the uproar from ignoramuses who populate much of the Dope Party now crying about the Electoral College AFTER the election, that time it seems would be better spent with lessons on the constitution and civics. 

Notice how none of the Dopes bitch about the EC before any of the votes are cast.  If the EC is a disadvantage to any party, it is a disadvantage to Republicans.  Dope nominee essentially starts with 217 solidly blue EC votes.  When historically “leaning” Dope states, like IA, PA and NV are figured in, the number swells to 249 of the 270 EC votes needed to win the presidency.  When the same math is applied to the Republican side, the number of solidly or reliably leaning EC votes is 191.  If you landed from Mars and looked at those numbers, given the math, who would the Martian smart money be on for which side would be bitching about the EC?

Because they have a healthy baked in advantage in the system, Dopes never bitch about the EC before the election, but like the spoiled brats that they are largely composed of, the Dopes now are complaining about the rules that have been in effect since 1788.

If the Dopes really want to know why they lost the election, they should ignore their advantage in the EC.  They really need look no further than their own corrupt party.  Any half honest Dope politician should have been able to beat Trump by 6-7 points.  The Dopes insisted on nominating a totally corrupt, dishonest, unlikable, untrustworthy and tired candidate because it was that candidate’s turn and that candidate by the happenstance of birth had two X chromosomes.  The EC had much less to do with Shrillda the Hutt’s final (I hope) demise than her own corruption and 30 year record of being a totally dishonest and deeply flawed candidate.

Once they sober up, it’s unlikely that the Dopes will continue their call for the end of the EC that gives them such an advantage in presidential politics.   

No doubt, after running the kids out of school for a couple of days (HA! Just when you thought I’d lost my place, I got back to it.), the teachers’ union teachers encouraging this kind of stupidity will be protesting the limited amount of time in the school year that they have to get their job done and demanding a pay raise for their arduous 9 month with 12 paid holidays job.  No.  I do not think teaching is an easy job.  I tried it.  I couldn’t do it.  My main problem was that about 10% of the snowflakes were azzbags and their parents and the school administration were happy to let them disrupt the classroom.  So before I wound up in jail, I bowed out.

Aside:  I have to say, given the people who do not like him, Steve Bannon must be a great guy.

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