Monday, November 14, 2016

Dumping RobertsCare, big money pols, joy and Trump's picks

In the post under, there’s a link to a LA Times article that describes the difficulty in repealing RobertsCare.  The first hurdle is getting 60 votes for repeal in the senate.  That’s not much of a hurdle if the legislation is included in a budget bill that, by senate rules, only requires a simple majority.

But let’s say that, as always, Republicans refuse to play hardball with the Dopes.  In that case Trump should repeal all of The Empty Suit’s waivers to Robertscare and use the bully pulpit of the presidency to insist that congress live under the exact same RobertsCare BS that they have foisted onto the American people.  He could even go so far as to calling the system – get this – rigged if they don’t and see how fast Dopes clime on the repeal and replace band wagon before the mid-term election.

Someone once pointed out that the best way to get rid of a bad/stupid law is to vigorously enforce it.  Once all of TES’s waivers are stripped out and the azzweasel Caligula, D.C. ruling class is subject to the exact same rules they legislate against us, they won’t be able to dump their BS RobertsCare work fast enough.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea for the new congress to pass a rule that demands congress will no longer be able to exempt themselves from the BS laws they burden the American people with. 

Note:  Lex calls it RobertsCare because SCCJ John Roberts had a chance to drive a stake into the heart the unconstitutional BS bill instead he legislated from the bench to call the penalty for not signing up a "tax".  From that day the ACA went from TESCare to RobertsCare.

Dope refrain: Get the big money out of politics
I wonder how many of those sore losers rioting/protesting across America railed against the Citizens United decision to the “get the big money out of politics”?  My guess is that, since TES and Shrillda the Hutt were both against that ruling, that about 100% of rioter/protesters also believe that big money is tainting US politics.
Well then, how do they reconcile this?  It’s their own candidate who went after the big, big political money not the guy who they are rioting/protesting against.  That’s right Shrillda the Hutt outspent Trump 3 to 1.  Just add that disadvantage to the score or so other disadvantages Trump overcame in his remarkable march to the White House.

So in true Caligula, D.C. fashion we have the party railing against big money in politics raking it in as fast as they can hand over fist.  Given that the same party is run and ruled the biggest bunch of hypocrites in history, this should come as no surprise.

Joy in the sufferings of the smug elite political class
There is a German word for taking joy in the suffering of others - Bill Gates suggests this spelling for – schadenfreude.   I’ve watched this several times it gets better every time.  As the music builds, the end is perfect. 

Trump/GOP leadership
I don’t really care if Pauly Walnuts remains Speaker of the House as long he’s not an impediment to the things Trump campaigned on and needs to get done.  Better not to fracture the party when there is a golden opportunity to stop and perhaps even reverse the madness visited upon this country by Dopes.  The same goes for Rince Prebius as Trump’s COS.  I cannot get worked up about any of that.

What I care about is getting his Supreme Court nomination through, securing the border, passing tax reform and getting the military on firm footing.   Trump needs to go in using a shotgun not a one shot, one kill mentality.  Flood the zone with so many initiatives that the MSM and the Dopes (actually one in the same) are soiling themselves several times a day.  If Chuckels Schumer isn’t rushing to cameras to hold 5 press conference a day to whine about what Trump is doing, Trump isn’t moving fast enough in my opinion.

I do think keeping Bannon in a key spot will cause much hyperventilation on the left, which is good enough reason to keep him in a key position.  Everyone on the left is calling Bannon a “white nationalist”.  I don’t know why that’s a bad thing.   He’s white.  He wants to put America first.  The first is a happenstance of nature totally out his control.  The other is exactly what Trump campaigned on.  I guess if you’re an America first guy who happens to be white you have been thrown into the Dope’s same basket of deplorables as Bannon.  They never learn.

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