Monday, November 28, 2016

A weekend to remember

 What a great weekend!  We traveled to VA.  We had a great Thanksgiving dinner shared with great young people – graduates from the Naval and Military Academies gathered for a joint wedding.  Friday, before the wedding, the news broke that a ruthless murdering dictator – Fidel Castro – had assumed room temperature and then was sent to his eternal resting place in a much warmer place - hell.  Then we celebrated the wedding of two truly remarkable people - a Navy ensign to an Army 2nd Lieutenant.  Then we learned that Sirus radio was running a free weekend special.  That’s important because that deal from Sirus allowed us to listen, unencumbered by the vagaries of radio waves while traveling, to The Game: The OSU V. Meatchicken won in double overtime by The OSU.

First, the wedding, attended by a score so recent graduates from the USNA and USMA, allowed me to regain a bit of confidence in the trajectory of the US military.  The bad thing is that these particular young people are about 20 years away from pulling the levers of power in the Pentagon.

Next, Castro.  Good riddance to that POS.  Lefty Libs – including Dope Homer - are of course in deep mourning at the passing of one of their fellow like-minded commie bastard travelers.  These idiots justify the murder of thousands and the suffering of tens thousands more in Cuba over nearly 50 years of ruthless cruel commie rule by citing  that Castro improved the schools and healthcare system in Cuba. 

First of all, it’s total BS.  It isn’t true.  What great discoveries have originated from Cuba in last 50 years to lead anyone but a brain-dead lefty Lib to think that the Cuban education system is a model for the world?  When Castro fell ill, did he take advantage of the Cuban healthcare system?  No they brought n doctors from the west to treat him.  So if the guy who created the system wants nothing to do with it, how good can it be?  It’s like our own Caligula, D.C. azzwipes exempting themselves from the RobertsCare BS they foisted on the rest of us.  So dolts who make this ridiculous claim need to be asked, “How many thousands of people would you be willing to kill to get your kid into a college or hospital?” 

Last, The OSU’s win over Ichigan.   I’d pretty much tuned out of sports.  In fact, this year I’d guess I’d followed Indiana football - which was minimal - more closely than The OSU.  Being trapped in a car for hours on end required my undivided attention to The Game.  It was frustrating for 3 quarters of the game, but The OSU remained within striking distance, although it was difficult to imagine how The OSU was going to be able to penetrate the Ichigan defense.  Then suddenly The OSU’s offense began getting 1st downs and drove for 2 field goal attempts, making one at the end of regulation to send the game into OT.  In OT Ichigan couldn’t stop The OSU offense.

Now here’s the thing, Ichigan coach Jimmy the bitter Harbaugh is a big Shrillda the Hutt supporter.  He also allowed players to take knee during the national anthem.  So it was kinda nice to see Jimmy the bitter getting his face rubbed into a steaming pile of dog $h!t on the 50 yard line of “the Shoe” by Urban Meyer.

Like Dopes everywhere, Jimmy the bitter is unable to accept reality – you lost.  While the Dopes are challenging the voting results in the rust belt, Jimmy the bitter is bitterly disappointed in the officiating of The Game.  I didn’t see the game.  Jimmy the bitter’s complaint is that JT Barrett failed to make the line to gain on a 4th and one in the 2nd OT.  The play was reviewed and allowed to stand so I thought, well that’s that.  Not for Jimmy the bitter.  In his post-game comments, instead of heaping praise on his players and the opponent, Jimmy the bitter whined about the officiating incessantly, reiterating 10,000 times how “bitterly disappointed” he was with the officiating. 

Here’s the 4th and one play.  Here’s what I see.  The ball is in Barrett’s right hand and appears to cross the line to gain in the video, but either way it is close enough not to get too upset with the call either way.  Coach Locke – no friend to referees - would always tell us, “The refs will never lose a game for you.”  The implication is that no matter the calls, the outcome of the game rests on the team.  Calls go both ways, and if they don’t even out in a single game, they even out over the year.  Deal with it.   

So while Jimmy the bitter whined about the officiating, no one asked him how the refs caused the 3 Ichigan turnovers that led to 14 The OSU points.  No one asked him how the refs effected Ichigan’s inability to stop Curtis Samuel’s 15 yard game winning dash on the play after the disputed play.  Jimmy the bitter’s whining may work against him in the recruiting wars.  Who the hell wants to play for a cry baby whiner?

My advice to the Ichigan AD is to get Jimmy the bitter to issue a statement acknowledging the efforts of the players on both teams and move on.  That’s about as likely as the Dopes accepting the outcome of the election. 

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