Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's the Supreme Court stupid

Secretary of State
I was a big Romney supporter in 2012.  I am not anymore.  I’m pretty sure Romney did everything in his power to torpedo Trump’s run for the Oval Office.  Mitt was an early, ardent and perhaps the most outspoken in the nastiest way possible #NeverTrumper. Given the only realistic alternative to Trump – Shrillda the Hutt, that’s unforgivable.

I’m no Lincoln.  Were I elected the most powerful man in the world, I would relegated the Mittster to the dustbin of history if his efforts had been directed at me.  But maybe Trump is channeling Lincoln who advanced Union generals Hooker and McClellan despite their disloyalty to him, the nation and the army.  Lincoln’s only concern for choosing generals was his estimation in their ability to take the fight to the South.

We are told by all of the talking heads that the appointment of Romney to SecState would be a slap in the face to his base.  Uh, no it won’t.  Trump did not win based on his promise to appoint rock ribbed early Trump supporter to SecState. 

My personal choice for SecState would be the no nonsense former UN Secretary John Bolton.  He is eminently qualified and has the additional resume enhancer of being hated by lefty Libs and Rat establishment Republicans alike.  You might recall ReR wimp George Voinavich RIP cried when speaking against Bolton in the US Senate after his nomination for the UN position.  Like Steve Bannon, Bolton aggravates all of the right people.  That’s good enough for me.

Not so for longtime Trump supporter and the guy who got Trump’s rise right from the start – Karl Rove.  No wait.  Rove was pretty much a #NeverTrumper from the start as well.  AND, and, and being wrong 10,000 times in the last 18 months about the President-Elect should never ever under any circumstances deter one from continuing to pontificate about how Trump is hurting himself.

Rove isn’t happy with the infighting among staff members over his SecState pick.  Rove says it makes Trump look weak.  Now if all of the Trump staffers were in lockstep with The Donald, Rove would worry that Trump had populated his staff with a bunch of boot-licking sycophants that make the President-Elect look weak.  Trump steamrolled these azzweasels by the score on his march to the White House.  He should not start taking their counsel now.
Like The Donald’s habit of tweeting, which drives Mrs. Lex nuts, maybe the guy who threaded 10,000 needles, smashed through the Demo-Dopes vaunted “blue wall” in the rust belt, expanded the GOP, garnered more votes in the primary than any Republican ever, got more Mino votes in the general than McCain and Romney on his way to Electoral College landslide knows what he’s doing.    

I’d be surprised if Mitt gets the nod.  I won’t jump off the Trump tiger if he does.  Romney might do a bang up job.  What’s most important to me, what drove my support for Trump, is Trump’s Supreme Court nomination(s).  That’s the prize.  That’s the salvation of the constitution and the country.  In 6 months 2/3rds of American won’t even know who the SecState is.

30-40 teens loot gas station
Yup.  Profiled it.  No problem.

Somali Muslim refugee runs over stabs students at The OSU; motive remains unknown
After ISIS suggests that its supporters spontaneously run over and stab Americans, a Muslim dirt bag at The OSU does exactly that.  Chief Clancy Wiggum heading up the investigation is dumbfounded as to the motive for the senseless campus violence.  Wiggum said, “We just don’t know.  He’s a practitioner of the ‘religion of peace’ so that can’t be it.  I tell ya Lou, this one is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.  We may never know the answer.  My biggest worry now is a backlash against peace loving Muslims.”

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