Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Kasich, JEB!! et al typical Rat establishment Republicans

  I’m not sure, (And I’m not going to look it up because accuracy is not what this page is about.  It’s about jotting down a stream of consciousness that allows me plausible deniability for the stupid things that appear here from time to time.)  but I think Lex identified John Kasich’s presidential run as vain, unnecessary and/or a long job interview for the VP slot for the eventual nominee.  As his campaign dragged on months past any point of viability, any point of adding anything constructive to the process, any point of making a relevant point that had not already been made too many times, words like idiot, p*ssant, weasel, narcissist and/or azzbag were used to best described Kasich.

When Kasich finally suspended his embarrassing and delusional campaign on May 4th, many Buckeyes thought Ohio’s long statewide nightmare was over.  Finally, their idiot governor would be coming home to make them the sole beneficiaries of his home spun holier than thou rhetoric.  Just when Buckeyes thought they’d never have to defend having a boob in their statehouse again, Kasich announces to the world that he voted for John McCain for president – which makes as much sense as voting for Calvin Coolidge or hell Calvin Klein at this point.   

That vote points out a couple of things.  First Kasich knew he wasn’t up to job of POTUS because he didn’t even vote for himself for the job he sought for months at great expense.  Next, he’s a liar.  Well he is a career politician. When a Venn diagram is created using “career politician” and “liar”, the entire career politician bubble falls within the liar bubble, so no surprise there.   What’s so amazing about Kasich’s lie is that he told it on national TV and signed his name to it.  Last, HEY JOHN! If you’re going to be a total d*ckweed, do it in private.  Kasich didn’t need to announce his stupidity to the world. 

Why did he do it?  He wants Shrillda the Hutt to become the next president.  By announcing that he’s a lying weasel to the world, Kasich puts himself in line for a cushy high paying no-show government job somewhere in an administration that no doubt will be filled with lying weasels like Kasich.  Now Shrillda the Hutt’s poll numbers are falling faster than the Hutt when she tried to stumble into her van after fainting at the 9-11 memorial.  Too late John boy.  You’ve already shown your true colors.

If I were a Trump supporter in the Buckeye state, the day after the election, win or lose, I’d be looking up how to recall a lying $h!t governor.  

I’ve always been a Rick Santorum fan.  There’s not one thing I can think of that I disagree with him about politically.  If I thought he could win, I’d have been all in for him.  He nails Kasich and JEB!! to the wall for their political deceit here.

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