Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dopes do not accept the results of the election, no comment from MSM

Upon review this is kind of a mashed up post, i.e, what you have come to expect on this page, but particularly bad in this case.  I do not have time to mess with it.  Ignore the topic changes without any transition or logic or reason and enjoy.

The lefty Libs went into near hysteria, clutched their pearls, grabbed a powder and headed for the fainting couch when, at the last debate, Donald Trump refused to state unequivocally that he’d accept the election results irrespective of how broadly Demo-Dope cheating was exposed.  Now in their latest display of hypocrisy before the nation, the Demo-Dopes have taken to the streets to protest the results of an election whose results they cannot fathom because they do not know a single person who voted for Trump. 

In typical lefty Lib fashion, they shoot themselves in their own foot first. The protests disrupt areas that have been run by the Dopes for decades and widely supported Shrillda the Hutt.  So traffic in Dope strongholds of Chicago, NYC, Philly, Oakland and LA are a mess.  Using the same logic, I’m going to protest The Empty Suit by defecating on m y own door step.  That’ll show him!

The lefty Lib psyche it is seems is about as rugged as a soap bubble.  It rarely survives first contact.  I guess in that regard they are a lot like the French army.  So safe spaces are being established on campus for likeminded snowflakes to gather and console each other in a place where reality is not permitted as it may “trigger” a negative feeling.  This social BS on campus is like a NASCAR race in that it all only goes in one direction – to the left.   Try establishing a safe space on campus to discuss the evil of abortion or carrying a .38 revolver verses a .380 auto for concealed carry and see what happens.

I wonder if any of these snowflakes have ever considered what it must be like to be a conservative on campus.  You talk about an outlier.  If the election proves one thing conservatives are the most under represented people in faculty lounge, on the student newspaper, student government etc. etc.  What steps, I wonder, are universities taking to correct that discrimination?  Are there going to be affirmative action hiring practices for conservative.  Nope.  Remember, everything goes in only one direction with these azzweasels.         

The meme from these lefty Lib snowflake azzbags protesting the election is that Trump is the racist, homophobe, sexist, bigot.  This for guy who had the first woman campaign manager ever to win a national election, had a woman of color as his national spokesperson and of course the beloved by Omerosa as his Director of African American Outreach.  

Now I do not know if he hired any homosexuals A) Because unlike the lefty Libs, I don’t care what a person’s sexual preference is and B) Unlike the lefty Libs who all seem to have finely tuned gaydars, I cannot tell by looking at a person if they are homosexual or what their religious affiliation might be or how they like their eggs for that matter.  More importantly, unlike the lefty Libs, I’m not keeping a score card and don’t really care anymore about it with Trump than I care about that kind of stuff about the person who hands me food at the drive through.   As friend mine use to say, “Just do your J-O-B.”

So what if Trump didn’t hire every aggrieved social group in line with their representation in the general population?  GWB, you might recall, had the most diverse cabinet in history.  What did it get him?  Nothing.  Those coming into work for GWB were labeled Aunt Jemimas, Uncle Toms, house n*ggers, lawn jockeys etc. by the tolerant lefty Libs.  It is a hell if you do, hell if you don’t proposition for non-Dope pols, so you might as well just hire the best people and get on with it.  Donald Trump seems to be very good at hiring the best people.

This election proves that it’s the Republicans who will stand for the blue collar little guy while Demo-Dopes have become the party of the big money donors.  Check out Michael Moore in the link in the post under if you do not believe me.  I do not know when this shift occurred.  Wall St. big money, the Chamber of Commerce, hedge funds, union bosses, silicone valley are all key Dope constituencies along with the Hollywood glitterati and felons.

As unlikely as it seems, the blue collar billionaire – DJT – has tapped into the working class for the Republican party and if the Republican don’t eff it up again with thier petty BS they will be able to keep the rust belt for a while.  Looking at the election results, Dopes think white working class people voting their interests is racists.  Also, for the Dopes offering a minority a free cell phone and a government handout is compassion.  Offering them an education and a job is racist. 

Hey I think I might have swerved into something profound there.

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