Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dumbest tweet ever? We have a winner!

Brianna Wu is a Demo-Dope – emphasis on dope - running for congress.  Her campaign slogan is “It is time for a bolder Democratic Party”.  Okay fine so far, right. The Demo-Dope tweeted this, “This is being covered as a fun hijink for rich people, but the idea of a private corporation having access to moon should give you pause.”  Well that’s not horrible.  Evil corporations controlling celestial objects – Death Stars, satellites capable of altering weather patterns or destroying whole cities - or are the stuff of any number of great movie plots.

Sadly Ms. Wu continued.  The moron went on to tweet, “The moon is probably the most tactically valuable ground for the earth.   Rocks dropped from there have the power of 100s of nuclear bombs.”  WHAT!?? You cannot be serious.  No one is THAT stupid – right?  So Brianna, what is keeping rocks dropping from the moon and “nuking” the Earth right now?  Answer: Unless you happen to be falling, gravity is our friend.  Ms. Wu is now considering changing her campaign slogan to “It is time for a boulder Democratic Party.”

Well one thing we know for sure, stupidity is not a disqualifier for holding public office if you’re a Demo-Dope.  Exhibit A) Hank Johnson - who once famously worried that Guam would capsize if all the Navy personnel were stationed at one end of the island.  Exhibit B) Maxine Watters – who flavors her brand of stupidity with a shrill voice and incoherent logic.  She once called “waving American flags” “outrageous behavior”.  Exhibit C) Slow Joe Biden – Does Lex really need to spend the next 3 hours compiling a rather endless list of Slow Joe’s gaffs, foolishness and downright stupidity?  Quick, how many letter in J-O-B-S?  Nuf said on that one, right? 

Move over kids.  Make room for one more. 

I think for sheer comedic value, we should all contribute $10 to Brianna Wu’s campaign.  Think of it as a cover charge to a comedy club.

I’ll be out tonight and will have to catch PDJT’s speech to congress on the Internet afterwards.  My hope is that the Demo-Dope geniuses Johnson and Waters disrupt the speech with a well-timed, “America has never been great!” call from the gallery.  My guess is that the Dopes will not be able to control themselves.  The mere sight of PDJT is likely to “trigger” some kind of bizarre behavior from the Dopes.  My hope is that PDJT shouts back at them, “Sit down losers!” 

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