Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Awesome speech

I did not see the entire speech last night.  That said, my big take away was Demo-Dopes sitting on their butts while Republicans cheered as PDJT advocated for putting “America’s citizens first” wil not work well for them.  They actually booed PDJT for establishing a White House office to represent victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.  WTF?  Hey Dopes!  Who should be first in America?  Illegal aliens? 

The answer is found in who the parties invited to view the speech.  PDJT invited victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.  Dopes invited the illegal aliens.  PDJT says that we need to keep terrorists from coming into the country.  That’s a pretty boilerplate applause line that you’d think everyone but terrorist could agree with, but the Dopes sat on their brains through the line looking like the 5 year old who didn’t a piece of cake at his own birthday party. Well I did say terrorist wouldn't like it.  No Dopes are terrorists.  They just seem to hate America in the same way as terrorists.  Marco Rubio said this morning that the these thoughtless a-holes wouldn't even stand for Navy SEAL's widow.  Nuf said.

When PDJT listed off the companies he persuaded to keep jobs in America the house exploded.  When the camera cut to Grand Nan from SanFran there she was sitting on her azz (or is that her brain?) looking like a drug dealer who just witnessed three of his buds getting shot in the face during a drug deal gone bad and who knows he’s next.   
Well PDJT did his job as far as I could see.  Now the ball is in the congress’s court.  Good luck Mr. President.  Rat establishment Republicans are likely as not to make excuses.  I can see it in Mar next year when nothing has been done in congress to pass PDJT’s agenda Mitch and Pauley walnuts take to mic and whine, “Well you know we cannot get anything done with such narrow majorities in the senate.  What we really need are 60 votes in the senate.  Even 60 won’t be enough because azzhats like Collins and Murkowski cannot be counted on.   So until we get 65 or maybe 85 votes in the senate, we’re just going to act as if the Demo-Dopes are still in charge of the government.”

PDJT is delivering.  It’s congress’s turn.  Sadly, I am not hopeful.  We’ll see though.  These weasels have to know that there are no excuse left for brand of BS.

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