Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Another congressional investigation to nowhere

Every time PDJT’s accusation of Obama administration’s surveillance of Trump Tower is mentioned it is preceded by the word “unsubstantiated”.  I don’t get it.  Is the case laid out by Mark Levin in the post under not proof?  I guess not.  That means everyone has changed sides on this issue.

PDJT is touting fake media sources for the bases of his accusations of wiretapping and the fake news sources are now throwing their reports and reporters under the bus by saying there is no proof. 

So if the MSM doesn’t believe their own reporters maybe they’ll believe Harry the roach Reid and Hillary.  Obviously they knew something was going on with surveillance on Trump, or at least it would seem.

I am pretty sure Dopes surveilled Trump.  I am pretty sure nothing will come of it.  How do I know?  Well did anything come of Benghazi?  Did anything come of Fast and Furious?  Did anything come of the IRS scandal?  How many dirt bags went to jail behind any of those?  Oh, nearly one.  No one went to jail. 

The congressional investigation into this will end the same way they all do.  Months of preening by elected azzbags taking 10 minutes to ask a 30 second question.   All BS.  All a waste of time.  All a colossal waste of time and money.

There’s also the dynamic of having the deep state investigating the deep state. 

Add all of that up then add in the factor of the MSM flying top cover the Dopes and subverting the Republicans and you get a big fat zero.

The ONLY thing that can change the equation of congressional incompetence in these things is PDJT.  He can negate the MSM and I think he has some evidence that’s not out there.  He’s playing the rope a dope to draw the Dopes in then hammer them. 

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