Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The swamp lives and is gaining power

The CIA has software that can they can use to hack people and make it look as if the Russians did it.  That’s great!  Well, so far it’s great.  But it turns out the CIA has “lost control” of the hacking malware.  Huh?  Lost control?  WTF?  Had I “lost control” of a confidential slip of accountable paper in the USMC there’d have been heck to pay.  So who has been fired or sent to jail for losing control of highly classified material?  Well, it’s the government so no one is ever accountable.

The first question that comes to my mind is, if you’ve “lost control” of this highly classified material, what else have you lost control of?  And remember, the leaks have nothing to do with the lost control.  The leak only reports the incompetence.

Incredible!  The CIA lost control of its surveillance stuff!?  So that means the surveillance on PDJT could have been performed by rouge deep state Dope operatives without a warrant or DNI Curly Clapper’s knowledge.  It could also mean that CIA azzbags could have hacked the Dopes and pinned it on Russia.
PREDICTION:  During the congressional investigation into Russian/CIA “hacking of the election” watch for a question like, “What is the likelihood that someone within the CIA hacked the DNC and made it look as if the Russians did it?”  Answer:  “Highly unlikely.  Nearly impossible.  Less likely than being mauled by a polar bear and being struck by lightning on the same day.   Couldn’t happen.”  Follow up:  “How sure were you that the CIA would be able to keep control of the surveillance software and the 8,000 pages of CIA secrets now on Wikileaks before 7 Mar?”  Answer:  A stupid look.  Answering in the same way the first question was answered defeats the first answer.  Admitting that there was a good chance that control would be lost and secrets leaked makes the CIA look incompetent.  Which is exactly what losing control of surveillance malware and having secrets leaked makes the CIA look like today.

 While we’re on the subject of the congressional investigation into Russian hacking and Obama wiretapping, right now the ONLY thing would be truly shocking on any of this is if there is actually a trail leading back to anyone of significance.  Remember the IRS inquiry led to three low level employees in the Cincinnati office.  Fat and Furious perps were promoted and transferred.  Surveillance of AP and Fox news reporters was forgotten in days. 

Sure the MSM will relentless push the Russian hacking story, but unless PDJT solves the case himself, the surveillance investigation against Trump is going exactly nowhere.

The Caligula, D.C. swamp is feeding on itself.  PDJT needs mass firings of government bureaucrats starting today. 

Conspiracy Theory 3-17
Shrillda the Hutt and her slack jawed old man knew that they were losing ground to Trump as early as June 2016.  That knowledge is what led to the rapist former president barging onto Lo Lynch’s plane in AZ in Jun.  Some quid pro quo is worked out in exchange for surveillance of the Trump campaign. 

It’s a perfect cover.  Everyone assumes the Sleekmeister was up there trying to keep the pantsuited one out of prison.  The Only thing that would have suited the azzbag more than having his wife locked up for 10-15 is having access to White House.  They weren’t talking about keeping the blister bag out of prison.  They were talking about an insurance policy to get the blister bag into the Oval Office. 

Hey!  Don’t shout BS.   It’s as good a theory as any other half-baked conspiracy theory.

Profiled it
Drudge Headline: Chaos: Violent Flash of Mob of 100 Teens Wreak Havoc in Philly

Violence begets…?

Several posts under Lex points out that if the leftist mobs persisted in violence against conservative speakers and PDJT supporters while cops did nothing it wouldn’t be long before the other side hit back.  We have reached that point. 

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