Friday, March 24, 2017

The leaderless House Republicans and the smoking gun

The one thing the whole healthcare bill has proven is that Paulie Walnuts is a horrible, terrible, miserable, no good, BS, Bozo of a leader.  The Republicans have had 8 years (Two years under Paulie Walnuts) to get this squared away.  8 years later here we sit under a pile of Paulie Walnuts inspired excrement that Republicans seems to think the only way out from under is to pile up more excrement on top of us.

Then PDJT is called in to try to save the pile of excrement and to spray enough air freshener on Capitol Hill to make Paulie look like a leader.  He isn’t.  As the gunny once said of an inept squad leader, he couldn’t lead men out of the dark if he were positioned in the middle of the parade deck at noon.

If this is what we have to look forward to with regard to tax cuts, we’re all f’ed.  PDJT needs to get Walnuts in the Oval Office and say, “Look you are the speaker in name only from now on.  Everything legislative will now be run through Bannon’s office.  If you fight me on this you’ll exposed for the worthless back bench follower that you are.  So, Paulie, if you like your nice office and the perks of your speakership you will listen to Bannon.  When he tells you to jump, the only acceptable response will from you will be, ‘How high?’ on the way up.   Got it?  Get out.”

This whole thing has now come down to PDJT issuing a letter to the Freedom Caucus ensuring them that “phase two” of the process will give them much of what they want.  Apparently Walnuts’ word in these matters inside the caucus is worth about as much as spilled popcorn at the movies. 

We conservatives have been down this Caligula, D.C. road to nowhere 1,000 times.  The reward for selling out always comes in phase 2, 3 or 3,000.  Then mysteriously we never get past phase 1 – the sellout phase.

The smoking gun on PDJT’s “wiretapping” claim?
We’ll see.  I doubt it.  It is more likely to be a 3 bank combo shot where you have to have the intuition of a mother hen, the deductive skills of Sherlock and the reasoning skills of Einstein to put the pieces together to get the big picture of this puzzle with half the pieces missing.

Lex explained this.  The wiretaps were “legal”, totally unnecessary, worthless to any degree of national security and authorized strictly on a basis of how much “incidental” information could be swept up from the “target’s” interaction with the REAL TARGET - Team Trump.

Remember PDJT has often mentioned that China’s largest bank is a tenant in Trump Tower.  So the spooks “target” the bank on the 5th floor and then say, “Ooops, look at what we just ‘incidentally swept up’ on the transition team on the 57th floor.”

It’s all BS.  Of course Obama surveilled Trump.

Exit question
If the latest London Islamo-Terror-Fascist is a "lone wolf" why do they keep arresting people?

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