Friday, March 31, 2017

Seriously, it is all Paulie Walnuts' fault

I do not know why DJT is going after the Freedom Caucus for Paulie Walnuts’ failures.  The death of the disaster known as Ryancare lays at the feet of one person – Paulie Walnuts.  Walnuts is billed as a Caligula, D.C. deep state insider, a wonks wonk, a numbers man who knows the budget process inside out.  Yet, after 7+ years the wonks wonk, the insiders insider, the consummate numbers man could not develop a plan that would pass his own party.  Walnuts is a loser.

Unlike all of the talking heads who have been totally wrong about everything about PDJT since his famous elevator ride are rolling in on PDJT for his tweets on the Freedom Caucus, I’m willing to suspend judgement for now.  Remember the thought after Paulie Walnuts shot all 10 of his toes off with his BS bill was that repeal and replace was dead.  Now it appears that it is not.  There has to be some kind of “Art of the Deal” jujitsu logic behind PDJT’s move against the Freedom Caucus.

Also recall PDJT promo’d the Judge Jeanine program that called for Paulie Walnuts to step down as speaker.  So there is pressure on both sides.  So let’s wait and see.  There will be plenty of time to go Demo-Dope fully irrational with PDJT down the road. 

Oh, and how many times have the Dopes and MSM gotten the best of PDJT so far?  Nearly once?  Never?   

The joy of watching the left driving itself mad
How long does schadenfreude last?  I’m still tickled magenta* at the lefty loon’s reaction to PDJT.  The latest example is the lefty Lib reaction to PDJT’s reversing EPA climate regulations.  Idiot Michael Moore declared that PDJT’s decision would lead to the extinction of the human race.  Wow that’s not crazy talk – a totally reasonable assessment.  Thanks for setting me straight, Mike.   Heretofore my guess on what would destroy the human race would have been a nuclear holocaust, alien invasion, the sun exploding or most likely robots.

My guess is that my schadenfreude will last as long as the lefty Loons can maintain their outrage at the very fact that PDJT is still drawing a breath.  As long as lefty Libs are going to go over-the-top apoplectic, predicting pestilence, death, famine and war every time PDJT’s administration takes a step toward unwinding Obama’s purposeful destruction of America.  

See if you can profile this headline: 
Brawl breaks out after McDonald’s All-American Game

Knowing that the “game” is a high school basketball game probably makes the exercise way, way too easy.  You know just like profiling that old headline:  Brawl breaks out after Canadian curling competition. 

Here's the answer.

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