Friday, March 10, 2017

The truth is out there and will not go away

I have been given a meritorious day off.  I’ve ignored that to send off this short post.  How do I put this in the gentlest way possible?  Here goes: Islam is the problem.  If you happen to be on the wrong side of it, the truth is a horrible thing.  Truth is like gravity.  It is always there.  If I wake up this morning and decide that I identify as a person for whom the laws of gravity do not apply and throw myself off the barn roof to float up the house, the truth of the gravel driveway will smack me hard and maybe knock some sense into my empty head.  I may “identify” as man for whom the laws of gravity do not apply but the truth will not cooperate with my feelings.

The truth is that Islam is the problem with so much that is haywire in the world today.  The Middle East is a crap hole because of Islam.  Care for refugees is a crap shoot because of Islam.  Conflict around the world is largely grounded in Islam.   Now we could change Islam to radical Islamic terrorists (or as Lex refers to them Islamo-Terror-Fascists).  I have no problem with that as far as it goes, but the truth is that it doesn’t go far enough.

The truth is found in Robert Spencer’s book The Truth about Muhammad.    In that book Spencer uses the Hadiths and words of Islam itself that is the cause for many of the inhuman actions of the ITF.  For the truth look at Europe wherever these practitioners of the religion of peace have been allowed to flow unrestricted into the country.  Rape and mayhem are now the orders of the day in those places.  Now are those trouble making “refugees” all ITF?  Probably not, but they are all followers of Islam. 

Polls show that large percentages of Muslims that do not participate in the gross inhumanity engaged in by the ITF still support those activities.  Perfectly okay to behead someone for drawing a picture Mooohammmadddd.  Perfectly okay to blow yourself up in an Israeli pizza place.  The “lone wolf” is not so lone wolf.  They all seem to be inspired by the religion of peace, and the practitioners of that sham religion apparently have no problem with those atrocities being performed in their religion's name - which is the problem.

And that’s the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Sure seems like you're on the money from where I sit, Lex. Spencer may be a little overboard, but there seems to be no question that the majority of Muslims do not care to assimilate into Western culture, and certainly seem not unhappy with the actions of the militant members of their faith. And now, Iran, who chants "death to American" is perfecting nukes and the delivery systems for them. It looks to me that a major war will be inevitable. After all, with so large a disparity in world views and the value of life, how can it be avoided?

The Infidel