Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Men dominating women's sports, wiretaps and FBI investigating Lex

Men starting to dominate women’s sports
Well, well, well who’d of thunk men would take advantage of women – legally - given the opportunity?  Another women’s sports championship, this time a weightlifting, has been won by a man.  Who was it who said this tranny stuff would only hurt women?  Oh, that’s right it was Lex.

Is this what law makers had in mind when they passed Title IX?  You remember Title IX.  The bill passed by congress that makes it mandatory for successful men to pay for every want and desire of unsuccessful women – right.  Okay that’s not exactly what Title IX says.  It says successful men’s sports have to subsidize women’s sports so unpopular even the participant’s parents don’t pay to see their little darlings play.

Okay that’s a pretty gratuitous shot at Title IX.  But when reduced to the obvious, Tite IX is nothing more than making the boys pay for the girls.  I thought all of the “I am woman hear me roar” BS was about getting away from - the heroic man has to pay for the helpless women – stereotypical paradigms?

Now it’s all evened out, because before long, men will dominate women’s sports as well as men’s sports.

Finding wiretappers
No one has any proof to support PDJT’s accusation that he was “wiretapped” by Obama.  Leaving aside the – of course he was wiretapped, Obama wiretapped everyone proof – it’s not much of a stretch to think the guy who sicced the IRS on us ordinary American citizens for political purposes would have no compunction what-so-ever wiretapping a politically enemy trashing his make believe legacy every night for 18 months.

Well to me it’s a no brainer.  Of course there’s no proof.  The guys looking for wiretapping are coming from the exact same organization doing the wiretapping in the first place.  Add that with the fact that we’d all like to think that our snoops and spooks are capable of conducting a wiretap without getting caught and what you have is an unlikelihood that any evidence is going to surface. 

So what’s PDJT’s game?  I don’t know.  Maybe someone inside the deep state has given him the evidence and he’s just seeing how many Caligula, D.C. and MSM azzbags can be persuaded to take the bait before setting the hook.  Maybe the only proof PDJT has is the long string of MSM reports indicating government wiretaps.  My guess is that there will be some ginormous spinning going on – on both sides - when this thing breaks for real.  Or doesn’t break.  Maybe it limps along for another couple of months until it’s overshadowed by the war with North Korea.  

Lex investigated by the FBI?
This piece talks about the FBI investigating “far right websites.”  First off, as the three loyal readers know, this site is as moderate as they come.  Lex has just not mastered the weasel words.  When a fat slob of a gal who stinks walks into the diner that’s exactly how she is going to be described on this page, instead of saying, “A slovenly heavyset woman seriously smelling of garlic stepped into an eating establishment.”

Is there a whiff of totalitarianism in any of this?  Seems to me if it were not, the headline would have been “Government investigating extreme websites” – which is still a problem because who gets to decide to what is far right or extreme?  So to Jimmy the shape shifter Comey can come investigate the ever mainstream Lex E. Libertas. 

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