Monday, March 27, 2017

Banning cars, the new ITF weapons of mass murder and Walnuts must go

Much of the “common sense” gun confiscation crowd argue that guns should be registered, licensed and gun owners be trained and licensed as well.  I wonder if the anti-gun crowd has noticed what the latest Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s weapons of choice are.  The dumbazz gun grab crowd probably has not been able to put two plus two together and get four while noticing that their beloved* ITF are destroying their argument.  The ITF are using highly regulated, registered and licensed motor vehicles and kitchen knives to conduct their terror.

So if the ITF can rent a truck and mow down 80 or so people in France, 2 score in London, a handful at The Ohio State University etc. etc, will there be a movement to ban motor vehicles?  Doubt it, but maybe PDJT will propose a temporary ban on Mooooslim drivers.  Or maybe we can temporary ban Moooslim drivers entering the country from, say, six hot beds of ITF radicalism.

While we’re – okay while I am on the subject of gun grabbers, why is that the “common sense gun control” crowd never offers a repeal and replace Second Amendment?   They are forever railing against the Second Amendment, but they never offer a “common sense” replacement.  Instead they use radical, unelected, unaccountable judges to advance their agenda.  They try to kill the Second Amendment with 10,000 cuts, a method akin to putting a frog in pan and then slowly turning up the heat.   Each individual cut seems insignificant, and it’s too late when you notice that you have been cut enough that you might actually bleed to death.

So the next time any of these “common sense” gun control bills are introduced the Dopes ought to be told, “We know what you are up to.  Show me what you think the Second Amendment should look like.”  That challenge will look like one of two things.  One, the Dopes would simply advocate for repeal the Second Amendment.  Second, they will replace the 27 plain words of the Second Amendment with a 4 volume set of unreadable rules and regulations a la Robertscare.

Walnuts should step down as speaker, then resign, then go home, then engage in the only thing he is qualified for by opening a BS recycling center – bring your own bull
Here’s about everything you need to know about Paulie Walnuts’ effort on his 61st bill to repeal and replace bill for Robertscare.  Ironically Republicans and Walnuts were able to get the first 60 through the House when they were sure Obama would veto the bills.  When success was on the cusp, Walnuts knowingly sabotaged the process.

But just being a loser isn’t Paulie’s only fault.  He’s also a quitter.  So Walnuts takes a swing and a miss at a slow ball – a slow ball so devastatingly slow that it took it 7+ years to get to the plate.  Then instead of digging in and looking for another pitch, Walnuts says it’s time to quit on Robertscare repeal and replace.  So one pitch into the 1st inning and Walnuts admits he’s a dope and a quitter.  As Bluto from Animal House once famously said to buck up the troops when they were down and out, “Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.”  For Walnuts the answer to that question apparently is – yes, and if they didn’t they should have.

But if Walnuts is a loser and a quitter at least he’s lazy.  After coaching his team to a crushing defeat, Walnuts is giving everyone the month of April off.  The House will work a paltry 8 days in the month of April.  Now I’m usually very happy when the Caligula, D.C. bunch is out of session, because that means they are not screwing the country or lining their pockets with money stolen from the treasury.  But when you get thumped like Walnuts did, you’d think he’d be telling the team that they all needed to work harder not taking a month off.

Can someone explain to me why it is that these pampered weasels can only do one thing at a time?  Healthcare is supposedly done.  Why?  They never even voted on it.  Why not take away everyone’s cell phone put them in a room in a room and lock the door for the month of April or until they hammer something out?

I’m going to try to use the lazy Caligula, D.C. approach the next time Mrs. Lex asks me to help out.  “Honey I’d love to, but I’ve already emptied the ashtray in living room and I still have to walk out to get the mail this afternoon.  So you can see how much I’ve already accomplished and I’m pretty much taxed to the limits of endurance.  We’ll get a whole lot more done if don’t try to burn the candle at both ends.  Oh, I’m taking all of next month off by the way.”

Is it any wonder why these azzweasels are held in such utter contempt?

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