Monday, March 20, 2017

The truth is PDJT's travel ban will have no effect on Islamo-Terror-Fascist recruitment what-so-ever

This line of crappola from the Kansas City Star showed up on the local fish wrap's editorial page.  I'll save you the time.  It's the same old Lefty Lib song, "Why do they hate us?" applied to PDJT's temporary travel ban.  So Lex mustered the strength to respond with this letter:  

Regarding the headline, “Travel ban would have made US less safe”, which appeared in the March 17, 2017 Perspective section of the JG, anyone who has opened a history book or has a lick of common sense knows the headline should have read, “The travel ban will make no difference.”

The notion that a sovereign country setting forth common sense travel and immigration policies for entry into that country will act as a tool for terrorists to recruit crazed jihadist willing to blow themselves, innocent women and children and even fellow Muslims to smithereens in the name of Allah demonstrates the self-defeating nature of arguing that it’s the policies that make us less safe.  No.  It’s the crazed lunatic jihadists that make us less safe.

The headline is latest version of the old saw, “Why do they hate us?”  The argument is akin to a battered woman sitting in the dark sobbing, lip split, eye swollen wondering what she can do to keep her man happy enough to stop beating her.  Everything she has tried to do or stop doing to date has just resulted in further beatings.

So it has been with the US and Islamic terrorist since the Barbary Pirates.   We have been in an on-going war that they have declared on us.  Nothing we have done to date has appeased them.  Buying their oil hasn’t.  Providing their defense hasn’t.  Shedding American blood and treasure defending their people from despots, satraps and fellow travelers in the “religion of peace” in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe hasn’t.  Even dispatching our great Nobel Laurate for Peace to the Middle East for an extended tour of bowing, groveling and apologizing seems to have done little to stem the flow of jihadist recruits.

Like the battered woman, maybe it’s time we as a nation wise up.  It’s not us.  It’s them.

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